How Do You Handle Social Media When You’re On Vacation?

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A cool vacation is something that you want to share with people. The amazing photos, your wacky relatives in Canada or the way that the ship’s unlimited buffet reflects the morning sun is something that you want to brag about. One woman found out the hard way that if you post everything then the wrong people may also find out what you’re doing.

She was going away for the weekend and posted that fact on Facebook and during the absence her apartment was burglarized. The break-in and the posting to Facebook may not be related. However the front door was kicked in, over $1,000 in stuff was taken and only her ‘closest friends’ on Facebook knew about it.

So what do you do when you’re going on vacation but don’t want to let your Facebook friends know that you’re not there?

Here are a couple options that you might want to consider in addition to getting a good alarm system:

Post inspirational quotes

You can still be active on Facebook by posting funny or inspirational quotes. Not everyone posts quotes like these, but they can be a good place holder in your social media space-if don’t use them too often.

Post movie trailers

Everybody loves a good movie trailer. In some cases the trailer is better than the actual movie. Post a classic clip from a movie that you like or a trailer from an upcoming release that has a buzz about it.

Post music videos

Especially if you’re a fan of 80’s memorabilia the big hair and padded shoulders of Europe and early Bon Jovi never go out of style. You can link to a radio station that you listen to or something else that has the opportunity to engage your friends.

Mix it up

Post a quote one day, movie trailer, poll or a statement about current events.

Don’t post

Bite your tongue, don’t post? Everybody drops off social media to some degree and if you don’t, then you should think about doing so. If you don’t post or tweet for a week then nobody will really miss you. The only exception to this is if it’s your business account. If it’s your business account then it needs to run every day, looking for mentions, trends or things that you need to comment on from a business perspective.

Personally, when I’m on vacation I cut back on my posts to where I only do a couple per week. When we get back from the trip I’ll post videos, photos or anything else.

How much do you post online when you go on vacation? If you post everything, please leave your address in the comment section too.

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