8 Signs That Your Website Needs a Redesign

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Do you feel worried and hesitated about redesigning your website? Okay! This is normal. If you think that redesigning your website is time-consuming, costly, and not worth the effort, you are often mistaken.‏ ‏On the contrary yet, a powerful web site custom-made to your image will allow you to take a good place in the search engines – and in the minds of your customers! – moreover this offers you, in the long term, a good return on investment. More than three-quarters of the users judge the trustworthiness of a company by the design of their website. Read this article to discover eight signs that your website needs a redesign.


1. You’re Receiving Bad Statistics

Google Analytics is now installed on the substantial majority of sites. It is necessary to collect data on its performance. Therefore, essential to analyze the path taken by your visitors by the following questions. Where did they arrive on your site? Which pages interest them most? How many pages do they consult before they leave? How long do they stay on your site? Etc. These statistics are all information that will help you control if your site – and the content it contains – is performing well or no. If not, an upgrade may be the solution, just as a new marketing strategy might be needed.

Having good statistics on the web will not exist directly by redesigning your website. You have as a first step to ask yourself a few questions. Is the content suitable? Are the calls for action inciting and well accessible?
Sometimes a partial renovation, such as optimizing texts or calls for action, will be enough.


2. Your site is badly referenced in Google

Google (and any other search engine) mainly plays a vital role in your positioning. Despite this, your site must be found by your possible customers. To accomplish this, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will let you be well referenced on the search engines. The keywords that people typing to find out about your products or services should end up in the content of your site.


3. Your goals are different

You must apply your business goals on the internet also. If they are developing, you must make them evolve in your Web strategy. The overview of a new product or service, the growth of a new market, the loyalty of your customers are among other reasons to review your site. The objective is to enrich to match your digital growth with that of your company.


4. Design is not adaptive

It is estimated that about 50% of Internet users in Lebanon in 2017 use a mobile device. So one of the most inspiring factors to redesign your website is to take into account mobile technologies, together with the smart phone and the tablet. These are progressively used by surfers to navigate according to data collected by Hoot suite. An adaptive site also allows you to be beneficial in positioning on the search engines. The redesign towards an adaptive design often needs a reorganization of the contents. In brief, your website should be easily navigable, regardless of the type of devices used.


5. Content is outdated

Content is of vital importance on a site. Often left out, they nevertheless ensure its efficiency. It is the content, including texts, images and videos, that will advantage the SEO and, above all, that will impact the Internet users to become a client.

A text rewrite with an optimization for search engines could really improve your web presence. Make an inventory of the content you already own and yourself if it’s suitably targeted at your target audience, if it meets its needs and if it matches your offer.

Furthermore, if the visual of your site seems out of fashion and unprofessional, the users will not hesitate to go see in another place. Your graphic chart used for your other communication tools must match the visual identity of your site. Moreover, visitors will stay longer if the menus are easily navigable.


6. Your brand image is not represented or is not up-to-date

Whether you’re improving your logo or beginning a complete rebranding, your website should change at the same time as your brand. The visual of your site will have to change as well. Being one of the most active communication tools in recent years, it must represent your brand in a clear and pleasant-sounding way with the rest of your tools.

Though, a new branding does not mean that you need a complete renovation of your site. If it is easily navigable and its structure has been built, you will only have to update the design.


7. The website does not respond to the persona

Your persona signifies the typical customer of your company. This is where your content should go and on which your marketing and sales objectives should be built. It can, of course, have more than one persona, to whom will address various specific products or services. Your site should be built according to the needs of your customers. Customizing it is a very good way to make your content more convincing for your target audience. The latter will have no choice but to feel challenged!


8. No mention of social networks

If you don’t have social sharing button on your site, now is the time to add it! The links in your profiles allow visitors to view them with one click, and sharing links allow them to show their adherence to your content. All of this needed because social media have proved that is an unprecedented asset to confirm if your site is in the era of time or not.


A web agency ready to create your site

The quick and continual development of the Web makes sites very quickly out-of-date. There are then numerous reasons for re-designing it and just as much as for carrying out the restructuring. Whether it is a complete or partial renovation, the content, visuals and structure must be easily navigable and, above all, meet your business objectives.

A powerful site still needs a lot of effort. The key is constant optimization. It’s not because your site has been redone that you never have to touch it again. On the contrary, performance will only progress if you take time to develop it at the same pace as your business grows.

We are always ready to help you. Contact us at any time!

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