Why does my business / organisation need an app?

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Mobile Apps are being developed for lots of different reasons.

For some organisations, there is a need to be seen to be keeping up with modern technology.

For others, it is a more effective marketing channel to reach the younger, more economically active, segment of the market with their brand.

Last of all, as apps are mobile, they can provide functionality for their users that is simply not possible once people are away from home.

It really allows them to take their home computer around with them, keeping their contacts, photographs, calendar and much more with them.

As the devices also have cameras in, photos can be taken and shared with ease.


What types of apps can we develop?

The technology and hardware is constantly evolving, allowing us to create a range of different apps and keep up to date.

The latest trends include the use of Augmented Reality ( AR ), contact sharing, e-commerce, mapping and more.

We can connect the app to parts of your existing website too, so that app users can either browse parts of your site, such as the latest news, register for further details or even carry out a purchase through their phone.


What platform should we be aiming for?

Currently, there are three major players in the mobile app market, Apple with their iPhone and iPad, Google with their Android system and then Blackberry.

We can develop for all platforms but whether you choose all three or just one to produce an app for depends on your budget and also your target market.

We can advise which would be the best solution for you, based on your project, then also offer options like a mobile-optimized site as well as SMS campaigns to back this up.

For more information, please visit our site mobile-4all.com or Our Mobile Service section.

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