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When it comes to digital marketing, one of the most popular topics to talk about is eCommerce marketing.

Yet, most marketers and business owners are still doing eCommerce in a wrong way by focusing on running Facebook ads and predicting that magic is going to happen.

Well, that is not going to help that much! so we decided to combine a strong Infographic that includes all the strategies you need to market your e-Commerce store like a pro! Here is how to do it:


1# Identifying And Understanding Your Target Audience

Most companies and business owners end up thinking that everyone is their customers. No! It is not the case at all.

To succeed in eCommerce ,you really need to understand who is your customer, where they are digitally available, and the way of reaching them, because without these steps you are definitely preparing yourself for failure.

The best way to do this is by using customer character.


2# eCommerce Landing Page Design

Your business or product page is the closest form of contact that a prospective customer is going to have with you.

So the most important task in your eCommerce journey list is to design a highly converting landing pages.

Here is how to do that:

  • Use high-quality pictures with zoom in features and multiple angles.
  • Make your descriptions inclusive as possible.
  • Include as many reviews as possible.
  • Explain shopping, return and payment method details properly and clearly.


3# Competitive Analysis and Marketing Platforms

When talking about eCommerce it is very important to understand how your competitors are presenting themselves.

This can happen by checking and understanding the various gaps and opportunities in the market every 45 days.

When it comes to choosing the essential marketing platform, you must know where your target customers hang out, how can you reach them, and what your message would be like.


4# Run and Validate Digital Marketing Experiments

Once you understand the above three points about eCommerce strategies, I would never suggest you to throw all your money on platforms and audiences because the attention span of an internet user is less than 3 seconds and you never know what might attract them.

So the best way here is to build small campaigns, measure and learn.

The perfect way is to start building various hypothesis including different ad copies, landing pages and offers.

After that, proceed and test these with a small amount of money and time investment.

From these experiments, you have to measure the major KPI’s that will impact the growth of your business. And from here also, you will get a good idea on what to scale and what to discuss.


5# Build A Marketing Framework

Marketing is all about achieving business results, over and over and over. What you need for a successful and effective business is a framework that works for you every time.

After doing multiple experiments as mentioned above, you would be in a position to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Your framework should properly mention:

  • Marketing areas that achieve your core KPI’s.
  • The budget that you should spend and the goals you should be willing to achieve.
  • A process to experiment continuously and explore new methods.
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