What is Inbound Marketing, and why it can benefit your Sales Pipeline

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Inbound is a skillful strategy of making sure your prospective customers find the information they are searching for, find it interesting and are then take an action to contact you.


What is Inbound Marketing all about?

Inbound marketing is a technique of pulling the customers attention to the business or company and the offerings, so instead of shouting in a speakerphone, you are attracting the right customer as if you are holding a magnet.

Some of the most known methods used for inbound marketing include search engine optimization(SEO), content marketing, newsletters, blogs, social media maximization (SMM), etc.



Brands and content marketing agencies produce daily a huge amount of information, and the searchers have zillions of options to find their needed information on the internet.

That is why, a specifically targeted and accurately chosen content would make the searchers choose to read your content which will reduce bounce rate. Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to constantly generate potential customers and positively influence the income of your company.

Marketing agencies or companies use techniques that would provide the exact info asked by the searchers which make them interested in your products or services and would lead to gaining them as your own customers.



Let us look at some of the most effective ways to make inbound marketing strategy succeed. A good content marketing agency would diffuse these tricks to guarantee the sales funnel receives quality leads at a constant pace.



Inbound marketing is all about converting visitors to leads and leads to customers where all of them must be nurtured with information that is relevant and engaging. And to do that you must know details and insights about your visitors, leads, and clients, and what is better than analytics and a good CRM tool to do this job!

The best situation is when your clients can turn into promoters. This means that your inbound marketing activities are on the right road and really working in your favor and providing you with the results that can drive your business to the top.

Try to add automation into your CRM by creating pertinent rules and triggers that can send out newsletters and change content on your website based on the actions taken by users. But– don’t overdo it!



Searchers would use search engines to find the information they are looking for by using some of keywords or phrases. For instance, if a company based at Beirut or any other regions in Lebanon is looking for a digital or content marketing agency that does inbound marketing, they might search “inbound marketing agency in Lebanon“.

This will end up in a result of a list of all the agencies in the region in the sequence of their ranking. In this case, SEO would do the trick.

While creating your content, make sure that you are covering all specific keywords that your potential customers might type while searching information on the internet. Perfectly, the higher the ranking on search engine, better the chances of getting found by your target audiences.



While your potential customers are searching for information, they would go to several discussion forums, blog sites, and reference sites because simply they won’t always know your website or social media pages.

Based on all of the above, platforms play a big role to make you visible to potential buyers and allow them to see, read, reflect and take actions on the information you are providing. As more customer reads your content as more you will raise up your ranking.



Selling your products or services online is not the only way that content marketing is based on. Content marketing is a dexterous art of assuring that all your potential customers can find the information they are searching for, find it interesting, and sure get in touch with you.

Please do not push your product, but create value for your readers and help them solve the problems that they face.

Adding too many CTA or call to action points would only make you look too pushy or “salesy”. You need use the bottom of the sales funnel wisely as they will act as the first step to receive a qualified lead. Your call to action in your content should more of solving the problem than offering a product or services directly. Many content marketing agencies make a mistake by adding a buy button without justifying the purchase decision, which goes against the strategy.

Selling your products or services online is not the only way that content marketing is based on. Content marketing is a dexterous art of assuring that all your potential customers can find the information they are searching for, find it interesting, and sure get in touch with you.



Let us consider that you are ready to set up your content marketing, first of all you have to make sure that you create all pertinent contents and at the same time keeping the SEO parameters in mind. Next step is to make it more effective by adding some creative images to your content which will add more value. Then, identify the preferable places where your potential customers hang out, engage them at all levels and places.

And last but not least, to get better results leave it to the experts. Hire a professional content marketing agency that will help you assist you to set a strategic approach to the whole process to deliver the best results.



To generate a big database of potential customers who are interested in your brand, you have to create pertinent and useful content which will increase traffic to your website. So try to have the right kind of lead magnets to ensure that these prospects will convert into leads.

Lead magnets are pieces of information that would encourage leads to exchange their emails or contact information. The aim of the lead magnets is to warm up the leads received through content marketing in the sales pipeline.

This is a great way to create a platform of communication between your sales team and leads, and offer your products and services and help close the sales by knowing exactly the needs of your potential customers.



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