10 Reasons Why It’s Time For A Website Redesign

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We upgrade our home, car and maybe and many other important things… So why we do not upgrade our website too. It is not easy letting go of something you’ve known, loved and depended on for a long time but trust us, you’ll be better off for it.

Just to be clear, we are talking here about your website design, not your important other.

Spending money and time into a new, innovative website can be discouraging but so is being left behind in the dinosaur age when everyone is moving on to bigger and better things.

That’s why we are here to give you 10 reasons why you need to give your website a redesign.

1. Your website is an image of your business. Do you want your customers to think you’re outdated?

Imagine you have an outdated kitchen, it still functions on a basic level but missing all new bells and whistles. That is just bad as having an outdated website. Based on a 2019 study, statistics showed that 94% of consumers were attracted to more personal and modern websites. So stay updated and design a modern, unique website that exactly targeted towards your customers.

2. Customers need nice and easy. Is your original website that?

If you can navigate around your website easily, this doesn’t mean that your customer can do too! Actually, 88% of consumers said that they would not like to revisit a website after facing a bad navigation experience. It is just like being directed through six various pages of useless information just to find a company’s contact details. Simply put, build an easy to navigate website to make your company and customers’ life much easier.

3. Did you forget your website can be viewed on mobile devices now too?

Mobile phones and tablets now are a vital part of human’s life. Based on a trustworthy study, 85% of internet users browse a website through their mobile. So when thinking about redesigning your website you can’t forget about how the layout will look on mobile and tablet devices. Staying current on the look of your desktop design is important, and your mobile design is basic too.

4 . If your website takes longer to load then it takes to make a cup of tea, then it’s loading too slow.

To succeed in creating a good website, it needs to be able to load. Unfortunately, many people don’t test their websites speed before issuing it to the public. 59% of customers admit that they wait for a website to load but on the other side, 49% expect a website to load immediately in 3-5 seconds or less! Thus, if your website is taking too long to load, then you are losing potential customers (or just annoying them).

5. Does your website clearly define your businesses reason for being?

If your company sells books, make it clear on your homepage. Customers only take 5.59 seconds to scan over the main written content of your website. So keep your written content on your homepage brief, clear and if you are selling books, relevant to selling books.

6. Is your company contact information easily accessible or five pages down the buyer’s journey?

Creating an easy-to-navigate contact section on your website that directly leads them to a page that includes your contact details: phone number, location and email help customers know that your business is legitimate and that what they want. Moreover, it encourages consumers to trust your business and it also makes it easier for customers to leave shining reviews on how well designed your website is.

7. Images and videos are worth a thousand words and even more.

As humans, 93% of our communication is visual so texting is not the only important part of your website. By having a visually attractive website that also uses relevant text, customers will retain 65% more of the information provided.

8. Out-dated Call To Action ( CTA) and landing pages are not cool.

The most important factor of your website success and the easiest way to convert your potential customers into leads is to renovate your calls-to-action and landing pages while updating your website design. Even consider modernizing your Call To Action ( CTA ) and landing page imagery to videos to create a more interactive design. 90% of consumers agree that videos are helpful in their decision-making process.

9. Out-dated third-party tools are equally not cool.

The worse part of visiting a beautifully designed website is finding that their third-party tools don’t work, don’t load, or freeze your technology to the point where you want to smash your laptop! If a widget you are currently using is a tool you cannot do without, check to see if there is an updated version so that your customers can have the best experience possible.

10. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

If you find that your competitors have given their website a new, innovative design, mainly if it bounced you down the Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) ranking, then it may be time for you to give your website some changes too. Staying up to date on what your competitors are doing is substantial for your company to stay relevant and focused.

Website redesigns can be tricky and a little time consuming but if your company starts making slight changes using some of our steps above, we guarantee that your website won’t only look fresh and up to date but your visitors will love it too.

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