Why You Have To Use Remarketing ?

 In Digital Marketing

For those who are not familiar with the practice of remarketing, it is a marketing way out which can be applied to AdWords or social media to benefit your business in several points:

  • Connect up with visitors to your website who may not have made a direct purchase or query.
  • It permits you to position targeted ads on any website that receives advertising from the Google Display Network in front of a well-defined audience that is already familiar with your brand.
  • It works as another touch-point and engages the rise of your brand awareness.

Remarketing uses cookies located on your website visitor’s device(s). Each cookie has an exclusive ID which is automatically added to your remarketing list. You can have many lists and are able to divide them according to gender, location, age, and interests built on the users browsing conduct. Measured targeting allows you to serve to your customers highly personalized ads you know have already been searching for at your business.

We will have here six reasons for using remarketing:


Based on available studies, you can improve your campaigns to get the best chances of conversion. For instance, you may want to create higher proposals for ads to visitors who reached the sales checkout page of your website before. You can too filter your targeting to display only on particular sites and or exclude particular sites.


Personalizing campaigns means better results. More than anytime before, users suppose a high level of personalization in the way they are marketed to. Remarketing permits you to personalize campaigns based on your lists; changing the text depending on age groups or interests. You can also see when a user visited a website and the amount of time passed since that visit. With this data, you can target users with diverse interests at different instants in the purchasing process.

Increasing Reach

No matter where your spectators is, whether on Facebook or google display network websites or apps , these remarketing services allow you to reach out to users who are possibly attracted to your brand.

Advertising Over Your Competitors

Remarketing helps you to target users who have visited websites that are extremely connected to your product, this includes your competitors. Putting your brand in front of users when they have browsed your competitors more meet the requirements of their interest in your product or service.

Brand Reminder

Based on trusted statistics 96% of website visitors leave a website without converting, and 49% of visitors will browse a website 2-4 times before they make any purchase. Remarketing is a smart strategy to keep your brand always ready and reach your potential customers at the moment they are ready to purchase.

Increase Conversions

Remarketing is not a method for immediate conversions, it is a powerful tool that make sure your brand is ready at the instant a user is prepared to convert, therefore increasing sales and getting customer conversions that may have then been missed.

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