Have Your E-Commerce Site Add Apple Pay As A Payment Selection?

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During routine visits to your local store, you have perhaps grown familiar with seeing people fish out their iPhone at the checkout, hold it poised in front of the payment terminal and… that’s apparently it. The payment goes through like the phone could be a contactless card.

It’s a splendidly frictionless experience, and you might not realize that it’s on the market in a slightly different form for e-commerce wesites.

This requests the question: Must you add it to yours?

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is among the flurry of mobile payment services – or “mobile wallets”, as you will have detected them termed – that have emerged in recent years. Services like Google Pay and Samsung Pay have ridden on Apple’s coattails in the market’s transition to the normal.

In a bricks-and-mortar store, Apple Pay works for the most part as we’ve got described it – except that the user is needed to certify the payment by resting their fingerprint on the device’s “Touch ID” scanner. With every group action, Apple Pay also shares a one-use token instead of card details.

These measures have reinforced the security of Apple Pay compared to that of the standard chip-and-PIN technique or maybe employing a contactless card directly. Each of those layers of security with Apple Pay also applies once using it to complete payment on an e-commerce website. The user simply taps a provided “Pay with Apple Pay” button before using Touch ID to certify the payment.

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Why does my business / organisation need an app?

The extraordinary simplicity of using Apple Pay online

Has your e-commerce website been destroyed by the lingering issue of checkout churn – in alternative words, users reaching as way as your website’s checkout only to then abandon purchasing? It could be a little wonder if your site’s ordering method needs the user to fill in one online form after another.

This can be particularly awkward for those who don’t shop your website too usually or haven’t shopped there before. Also, while typewriting the likes of delivery and asking addresses and payment card details into forms will feel time-draining enough on a PC, imagine how awkward it can be on a mobile device, where the user would suppose the smaller on-screen keyboard.

However, once an iPhone user taps that “Pay with Apple Pay” button, they’ll quickly be given with a digital form that has their card details, postal address and email address already. That simply leaves them to place their finger on the Touch ID scanner for an easy and simple buying technique.

Consider implementing Apple Pay on your e-commerce website

With an equivalent functionality available on iPads and Macs, you most likely shouldn’t pass up the chance to simply tap into the particularly high spending power of Apple users. Apple’s website includes guidance for e-commerce webmasters wanting to implement Apple Pay.

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