How To Maximize Your Facebook Ad

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Facebook recently launched a revamping of their ads campaign, streamlining it to help businesses better target their audiences. The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can set your budget to as little or as much as you want to allocate for your marketing campaigns. But if you’re already spending money, you better know the tactics of how to best use Facebook ads in order to maximize its efficiency and, more importantly, your dollar.

Here are some tips from KWSM on how to maximize your Facebook advertising:

1- Is Your Page Ready? If you’re going to redirect people from an ad to your Facebook page, make sure that your fan page is the best that it can be. Before you invest money in Facebook ads, go through your Facebook page first and make sure everything is nook and cranny is filled out. Post pictures, put some effort into writing good copy for your “About” section—all that good stuff. You have one chance to make a good impression; don’t let a sloppy Facebook fan page destroy your advertising efforts.

2- Know Your Audience: Facebook Ads allow you to target specific audience sets in your designated geographical area. Ask yourself who your audience is—what age group are you targeting, what locations? If you’re a local business, targeting the right demographic is powerful.

3- Use Eye-Catching Pictures: Attach a picture to your ad! Visuals will help catch your audience’s attention, so choose something relevant to your campaign that will stand out.

4- Write Effective and Succinct Copy: You have 25 characters for your ad’s title and 135 characters for your ad’s body. The best copy is clear and succinct. Try not to get too verbose and fancy with your wording—keep it simple and to the point.

5- Consider Using Sponsored Stories: Sponsored stories is a variation of the Facebook ad that uses user activity on Facebook as content, giving it a more personal appeal to other users. Sponsored stories target existing fans’ connections, but the downside is that the advertiser will not have the ability to change the photo or copy of the ad if it is a sponsored story.

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