3 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Posts Right Now

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Fewer and fewer Facebook page updates are getting seen by fans. You’re posting good information, but no one seems to be listening or caring. What’s the big deal? It’s not your fault– Facebook makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to get in front of their fans because they’re aggressively pushing their ads. Pay for Facebook ads, and you’ll get better response and engagement on your page.
Don’t use ads, and you’ll fall to an obvious disadvantage.

All hope is not lost, though! Here are three ways you can improve your Facebook posts right now so you can better your chances of garnering more engagement and visibility.

Attach a Picture: Immediately amp up your text post by attaching a visual to it. Most people scan their newsfeeds quickly, so a picture will instantly make your post stand out among everyone else’s posts. Find pictures through a simple Google Images or Flickr search, or even scour other people’s photos on Instagram. And don’t forget to give credit where it’s due!

Think Headlines: Some of the best advertisements in the world are headline ads—quick, punchy lines that grab the reader’s attention immediately. You don’t have to be clever with your Facebook posts, but try to boil your message down into a line or two so that people can digest it quickly.

Talk about the News: The more “relevant” a post is to what others are talking about in a newsfeed, the more likely Facebook will rank it higher. You can’t always predict what your fans’ friends are talking about, but there’s a good chance that if there’s an interesting news story or event that’s happening in the world, others will be chatting about it too.

Try out these three things, and see if they work for you. Remember, it may take a few weeks to see results, so be patient!

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