15 Social Media Best Practices

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Here are 15 tips to help support and promote your Social Media efforts:

1- Include social media links in your email signature. This will make sure that every time you send an email the recipient is given the opportunity to connect with your business on Social Media.

2- Send an invitation to your email contacts to join you on Social Media. In doing this, you are reaching out to your past clients and people that you may have lost communication with. You can use Social Media to rekindle those relationships.

3- Include Social Media links on your website. Most potential customers who visit your website will probably want to check you out on social media. If you have them and are using them, make it easy for them to find.

4- Include links to your social media channels on your business card. When you are handing out a business card, it’s usually a potential customer or desired connection. Make sure they know that you are on Social Media. A ‘like’ or comment could lead to a call or email later.

5- Include links to your channels in your direct mail. Those that don’t respond to your direct mail offerings might prefer to connect with you on Social Media. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to expose them to your product or service.

6- Include Social Media links on your E-Newsletter. You want to remind your subscribers to connect with you on Social Media. If they ever have questions about something in your newsletters, that gives them another way for them to contact you or find more information.

7- Include links to your social media channels on any presentation or event handouts. After you encounter potential customers at your presentation or event, you can continue the relationship online through Social Media.

8- If someone else is running your social media, like an employee or social media agency, actively participate in creating content for your Social Media channels. Make sure that you are personally involved in the activity on your Social Media channels. No one knows your business more than you do.

9- Encourage your employees to participate in your Social Media. By having your employees involved in your Social Media, you are able to provide different viewpoints of the business. This will make your channel more personal for your audience and give potential customers insight into your business.

10- Engage in offline forms of marketing in addition to Social Media. Don’t rely on Social Media alone to market your business. You have to be active in talking to people about what you do. Your Social Media channel is a great place to send someone that you just met and shared your business with. It can help to build credibility.

11- Share your Facebook fan page on your personal Facebook page. This will give your acquaintances, friends, and family a chance to ‘like’ your business on Facebook and expose their friends and family that you may not know to your business.

12- Actively update your Social Media channels. When someone likes, follows or subscribes to your channel, they are saying they want to hear what you have to say. The best way to cater to that is to post content daily.

13- When you meet new people, tell them you are on Social Media and ask them to connect with you. This is a way of providing a place to find information on your business without actually giving or receiving formal contact information.

14- If an employee or social media agency is running your social media, be sure to stay engaged and be aware of what is being posted. If someone asks you about a recent Facebook or Twitter post, it’s best if you are familiar with that post.

15- Create Social Media signs to display in your office. Make it known that you are on Social Media to the clients and potential customers that visit your office. They might even subscribe to your channels while they are waiting for your services.

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