Do You Need A Website Or A Social Media Presence?

 In Social Media, Web Design

People and businesses often approach us and ask us whether it’s more important to have a website or a social media presence. Our answer? You need both! Having a website and a social media presence is not the same thing. In fact, they both serve very different purposes. So why do you need both?

Your website belongs to you. You made it (well, maybe you hired a designer to make it), wrote it and own it. Ideally, your website talks about you, your business, your services and what you can offer to potential clients. It lists your skills and expertise. Your website is what gives you and your business credibility.

This is great on its own, but it’s not enough for your online presence. Why? Because your website is biased! Of course it’s going to shed the best light on you, because you wrote everything on it, and people are getting to know you only from your point of view (lame!).

Think about when you’re looking for a new roommate to move into your spare room. You interview a candidate who seems nice and genuine through email, and maybe even in person. But how do you know what he’s really like as a roommate? Does he do his dishes and clean up after himself? Or does he never refill the toilet paper, and leave his food to spoil in the fridge? He may look good on paper, but what is he really like? To find out, you’d turn to references from other people who also know him.

Having a social media presence is like having your own professional reference. People go to your social media to find out more about you, from the perspective of other people; you’re not completely in charge on social media, so anyone can write anything about you or your business. Your social media profiles round out your online presence, and give you authenticity.

Conversely, your social media profiles can’t function on their own without you having a website. Your social media is meant to draw people back to your website so they can learn more you and your business. Without a website, you won’t look like a real, legitimate business.

Sorry, we know that needing both a website and social media presence means more manpower and work for you, but trust us, it’ll be worth it.

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