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Why Posting Ads on Facebook Makes Real Business Sense

There is no doubt that the fact that Facebook is the biggest social network out there. Several marketers and businesses opt to use it to push their products and services because it assists them to grow. It helps them begin small and obtain a much better return on their investment while not paying too much. And if you’re not a professional at Facebook advertising, you can use a Facebook advertising service to develop and manage your campaign.

If you’re a business that needs to create brand awareness and at the same time get more consistent sales, then it makes complete sense to leverage posting ads on Facebook.

Let us verify many reasons on why posting ads on Facebook is that the right move for your business, or any business that wants to remain ahead of the competition.

Reason #1: You Can Tap Into A Super-Active User base

Regardless of the size of your business, you cannot and may not ignore the facility of posting ads on Facebook. because if you’re taking a calculated approach, Facebook ads will positively drive more business your way.

Remember that your clients and prospects are using Facebook on a daily basis for varied reasons. Therefore, it only makes sense to reach them on a platform that they’re comfy on.

The biggest motivating issue for any business ought to be the fact that Facebook has a particularly giant user base that’s not only engaged however, but it is also additionally able to act with brands like yours.

In spite of the expansion, Facebook is experiencing immediately as a social network, It has a restricted but growing pool of advertisers. That clearly suggests that, at least as of now, you’ve got less competition to face and probably higher returns to create.

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Targeting Your Ideal Customers on Facebook

Reason #2: You Can Connect to Your Audience Via Mobile

With 2.41 billion people work into Facebook monthly, and 1.3 billion mobile daily active users, there’s little doubt regarding how much posting ads on Facebook will facilitate your business reach the following level.

Being a business, you must know the sort of reach you’ll be able to have after you have access to such a large amount of people and might reach them via mobile.

It doesn’t matter what quite promoting goals you’ve got, with such a large pool of prospective clients to focus on their mobile devices, you’re guaranteed to see results from your advertising efforts. This can be why mobile ads account for 98% of Facebook’s revenue growth.

Most of those people who are logging into Facebook daily are spending a long time on it. That is why you can simply connect with them by posting ads on Facebook.

The Facebook advertising program is an advanced technique to reach out to the correct section of your audience. And impress them with relevant content in order that they take action on your website.

Remember, Facebook advertising is growing with time. And as more and more promoters begin using it, it’ll become more advanced and sturdy.

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Reason #3: You Cannot Rely Upon Facebook’s Organic Reach Any Longer

A great deal of tiny and medium sized businesses don’t realize that the content that they post on their Facebook business page, reaches to less than 0.5% of their fans. This means as a Facebook page owner, the bulk of your fans aren’t getting to see your updates – though you post to your page multiple times daily.

Facebook within the starting didn’t prohibit organic reach in any way. However, because the user base grew, and as the next range of people launched their own pages, the social networking behemoth began to decrease the visibility of a page’s content within the newsfeed.

Now, this may appear a touch frustrating to business owners because they’re unable to reach their legitimate fans even with the simplest of their efforts. Though, observing it from Facebook’s point of view, it’s only logical for the corporate to require this step. It not only encourages healthy competition, however, it additionally ensures everyone gets a bit of the pie.

The truth regarding Facebook these days is that if you have to connect to your audience and build a relationship with them using your page, you’ve got to rely upon Facebook advertising. In different words, you may need to pay advertising cash to Facebook so as to appear to each, your fans and non-fans.

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Reason #4: You Can Leverage Some Of The Sophisticated Targeting Choices

The most exciting part regarding posting ads on Facebook is, you’re allowed to focus on your ads to those that are literally curious about your content and therefore the kind of products/services you’re marketing. These people aren’t simply anyone, but super-targeted users who are prospective clients.

Any business using Facebook ads encompasses a wide selection of targeting choices to contemplate. You can select to target your ad by demographics like location, gender, age, behavior, interest, etc. every targeting choice helps you catch up with finding the correct prospect and converting them.

So whether you select to take paying per click or per impression, as long as your ad has relevancy to the audience you’re targeting, you will see interested people visiting your website and some of them taking action.

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5 Things to Bear In Mind Once Posting Ads on Facebook

Every successful Facebook advertiser is aware of the importance of a good ad inventive. Because if your ad manages to catch the eye of your prospective client, you may not only expertise the next click-through rate but additionally pay less for the results your ad generates.

Here are four things to bear in mind so as to get higher returns along with your Facebook ad campaign:

  1. Use relevant, high-quality images: Once people see your ad in their news feed, you need them to be intrigued by it. You want them to listen to the message of the ad, that must be related to the image you utilize. Therefore, check that it’s relevant and at the same time uses the correct combination of colors to stand out in the news feed.
  2. Change your creative: Once posting ads on Facebook, you cannot still use the same inventive over a long time. This can be particularly necessary after you are targeting the same audience once more and once more. If you don’t modify you are inventive at the correct time, the ad’s engagement rate could return down.
  3. Use less text within the image: Facebook encompasses a strict rule that says that you cannot use text in a picture that goes beyond 20% of its space. Bearing this in mind, try to minimize the usage of text in your image in order that your ads get approved.
  4. Write an attractive headline: While using a nice image is very important to attract more eyeballs to your ad, it’s not enough. You’ve got to use a compelling headline to get people to browse your ad. This doesn’t need to be sophisticated. Keep the headline easy and simple while describing your product.
  5. Keep the Copy Short and Simple: People on Facebook have a brief span. which suggests your ad copy must be short and strict to the point. Keep the headline between 20 to 25 characters and for the body don’t go beyond 90 characters. Follow brevity once writing your ad copy and you will get far better results.

As you gain more expertise with posting ads on Facebook, you may notice that applying the on top of basic tips becomes second nature.

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3 Facebook Ad Mistakes that May Hurt Your Sales

Every skilled online entrepreneur and marketer is familiar with Facebook’s program is aware of how it will fetch them higher conversions. However, after you are a small business owner or are a starting enterpriser, you will not have all the information and tools to ascertain positive results at once. This may result in mistakes that may be pricey and messy.

So after you are beginning out with posting ads on Facebook, it’s to that is nice to possess a good plan of how you’ll be able to avoid common mistakes that may have an effect on your campaign and sales.

Even if you’re a skilled Facebook advertiser who has created vital sales with Facebook, it’s not uncommon to find yourself creating the following mistakes once using Facebook ads.

Mistake #1: Skipping the Audience Research Part

In order to search out success with social advertising, it’s necessary to design an ad that performs better and makes your campaign cost-effective.

Though, what’s even more necessary than that’s the sort of audience you’re targeting. It’s an indisputable fact that even a mediocre ad can perform better than the high-quality one if the audience is correct.

So before you go out there and begin posting ads on Facebook, it’s necessary to find the correct users to focus on along with your ads.

Facebook has a particularly giant user base containing a various set of audience. This can be each good and bad. Let us see how…

It’s good because finding a paying client is less complicated with a well-crafted and executed ad campaign.

It’s bad because you can make the error of selecting an audience that will seem like the perfect fit for your product or service, however, really these people might not in the least have an interest in hearing from your brand.

Initially, you will need to take a look at many audiences to ascertain what’s operating for you before you go out there and take a look at your ad copy and different specific parts. This might look like a long step but it’s one thing that’s necessary for a successful paid campaign.

Alternatively, try and build some educated guesses regarding your ideal client by looking into:

  • Pages that they will “like” on Facebook.
  • Keywords that they will use to search on Google.
  • Twitter accounts that they’re likely to follow on Twitter.
  • Blogs that they principally browse and comment on.
  • A competing product that they’re already shopping for.

Mistake #2: Going After A Very Broad Audience

Even skilled marketers admit that online paid advertising could be a different animal altogether. No matter the sort of Facebook ad you’re using, a typical mistake that you will make is selecting to go after an audience that’s too broad. Meaning, your targeting isn’t as targeted because it must be.

The reason why some advertisers make this common mistake is that they assume that everyone, with even the smallest amount interest, could be a prospective client. But, if you’re targeting everybody then really you’re targeting nobody. People could show interest in what you’re promoting and therefore the product you sell. However, keep in mind that no one is going to pay for you.

When you are posting ads on Facebook, you’re not doing it without charge. You’re investing your marketing dollars to reach those that can really have an interest in doing business with you.

If you stay investing your advertising cash in the wrong direction, you may keep losing it while not seeing any good results. Therefore, it only makes sense to focus on an audience that’s each narrow and at the same time large enough to go after.

If you’re thinking that your audience is just too huge, you can work on it. Facebook has targeting choices that may assist you to narrow down your audience to a good extent. As an example, you can narrow it be based on one or more interests.

While there are several moving parts to Facebook ads, everything starts with those that you’re targeting. If you get this one part right, the other components get loads easier. Facebook advertising will work for any business, if and as long as it is aware of what it’s doing.

Mistake #3: Changing or Pausing Your Campaign Soon

When it comes to paid advertising, patience could be a virtue. Facebook advertisers beginning out could feel compelled to create changes to their campaign if they don’t see quick results. However, doing this ahead of time will be a giant mistake because it will have an effect on the results that you will get from your campaign.

You have to know how paid advertising works before you invest any cash into it. After you begin running a campaign, it should take a while for you to ascertain any returns or even break even. Therefore, within the starting, if you feel such as you are losing cash and may make things better, it’s better to remain stable and be patient before attempting to optimize your ad.

Initially, the objective of your Facebook campaign isn’t to become profitable. The thought is to achieve better insights and gather the maximum of constructive data as possible. This will assist you to fine tune your campaign and come through even better leads to the long run.

Knowing how much ad cash you’re spending to get every client is very important for you to arrange your Facebook advertising. That is why it’s a decent thumbs rule is to not pause or change your ad till you’ve at least reach thousand people.

Once you’ve got enough data and know how the ad is acting, you will be in a better position to tweak your ads.

So though it needs you to go on the far side of your set budget, do it in the initial part, because testing and finding a profitable campaign can nearly always take a while and cash. See this as a positive investment instead of a loss of cash or time.

Your objective as a Facebook advertiser is to create your sales over time, not instantly. Be within the game for the end of the day instead of hurrying and spoiling your possibilities of success.

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5 Advanced Tips to Boost Your Sales with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads will completely assist you to get more business, as long as you’re using them efficiently.

Using these dominant social ads you can drive targeted traffic to your product or service page and convert the guests into loyal clients who provide you with repeat business.

However, marketing with Facebook ads will generally be tough, particularly after you are beginning out.

On the surface, posting ads on Facebook looks easy but there’s more to them. Making a random ad with a random image or video and hoping to attract clients along with your ad won’t work.

If you want to come up with actual sales with Facebook ads then you need to take some real concrete steps to confirm that your efforts are directed within the right direction.

Here’s how posting ads on Facebook helps you to increase your sales.

#1: Leverage Video Ads

Facebook video advertisements are proving to be good for businesses that are trying to find a much better return on their investment. The reason why video based mostly Facebook ads offer favorable results is that they’re more participating than a different kind of content. Even Facebook prefers to offer them the next priority within the news feed.

Attracting prospective clients with video could be a heap easier than a daily ad. Not only that, video ads are good for showcasing how your product/service works and the way it will be of profit.

However, several businesses, particularly those unaccustomed social advertising, still don’t understand the facility of video ads. This means you can benefit from those ads before your competitors catch up.

Remember, once it comes to video ads, it’s not almost about publishing more ads. It’s more about making better, higher quality video advertisements that are appropriate to your audience. That’s the only way you can make your ads effective and a worthy investment.

#2: Use Multi-Product Ads

Facebook’s multi-product carousel ads will facilitate businesses of all sizes to push their products and services distinctively.

The beauty of those ads is you can showcase a variety of products in one single ad. This permits you to offer various choices to your prospective clients, which will increase the possibilities of creating sales.

Clients recently became fastidious. By giving them a definite alternative, they’re going to be in a higher position to create a shopping decision. Facebook multi-product ads will facilitate bring down your advertising expenses and generate more profitable clicks on your ad.

Due to the interactive nature of the multi-product ads, clients find them interesting and intriguing. And since your potential clients wish to take a position within the right product, they’re going to be happy to go through multiple ads to search out one.

Above and beyond that, these ads automatically stand out from different regular ads. which attracts people’s attention towards them and will increase your ad’s engagement rate. It’s a win-win situation.

Regardless of the size of your business, you’ll be able to use the multi-product ads to showcase different products within the same range.

Otherwise, you might want to point out different packages of your service, aimed towards varied groups of shoppers.

For example, let’s say that you are marketing a product that has different versions, like a watch, a cellular phone or a software system tool.

Your prospects will undergo every version of the product and see if the worth, design and practicality is appropriate for them. If you utilize your creative thinking with these ads, the sky’s the limit.

With any Facebook campaign, your return on investment is compact by how you begin and continue running the campaign.

#3: Share Your Brand Story

Facebook could be a social media platform. Therefore, it’s only natural and best for brands to be social on it. Your brand is not any different, that is why you have to connect along with your Facebook audience like several users – socially.

The most necessary factor that you got to keep in mind when you are social advertising is that the social side of it and the way you create the best of it.

1- Know their Mindset: Know that people on Facebook are more motivated towards connecting with others on a social level, together with brands. They’re not there to buy for a product. Meaning, they’re not actively trying to find the product to shop for. That is why you have to keep their attitude within the forefront once making and executing ads.

2- Show You’re Human: Once your business shares its values and creates a more human reference to your prospects, you will notice your ads giving better returns. By sharing your brand story and by assisting people to know what you represent, it gets easier to sell your product and services.

You might be thinking that in some way marketing can have an effect on your business negatively because your objective is to get more sales. However, this strategy of sharing your brand story can really help you produce and nurture a relationship along with your prospects. And once your prospects see your human aspect, and know that you really care regarding them, they’re going to be in a higher position to shop for from you. This indirectly will increase your sales.

3- Convey Your Brand Message: Rather than going out there and doing hardcore selling, produce ads that clearly convey your brand message. Communicate what your brand is about and the way its distinctive values. This will not only assist you to increase your conversion rate, however, but also will provide you with a much better understanding of how your prospects connect along with your brand, and at what level.

When using Facebook ads, your focus must get on what makes your brand stand out from the rest. What makes it different and why have people take into account shopping for from you, even supposing your competitors sell similar products or services.

Your objective is to create robust relationships with the assistance of Facebook ads in order that your sales still grow while not affecting your brand image. Remember, connecting along with your social audience it’s all regarding being really social rather than being another virtual salesperson.

#4: Target Existing Website Guests

Posting ads on Facebook could be a good way to search out new clients for your business from their large user data. However, you’ll be able to increase the possibilities of changing more of Facebook users into clients by targeting your existing website guests.

The reason why this targeting plan works in your favor is that those that have already visited your website already recognize your brand. They’re acquainted with the sort of products and services you sell. You have got an existing reference to them that you will faucet into to win over them to business with you.

Posting ads on Facebook could be a good way to reconnect along with your website guests and prompt them regarding the products that they need already browsed on your website. Though they’re not within the position to shop for from you at once, they will like better to be a part of your email list instead. Which means you’ll be able to sell to them via email.

Targeting your website guests a good way to not only boost your sales numbers, however, additionally strengthen your brand identity in their eyes.

So how does one act doing using this targeting option?

It’s fairly easy. Facebook provides you with a small piece of code called the Facebook pixel, that you have to put on your website. This pixel helps the social network keep a track of people who are visiting your website over an amount of your time, who will be targeted within the future.

Once created, Facebook will simply assist you to target all those users in its data that have already visited your website. Which may result in more clicks to your ad and the next conversion rate.

#5: Target Existing Email Subscribers

If you’ve got an email list then it might add up to use Facebook ads to focus on your existing subscribers, instead of going for a cold audience. This can be just like targeting website guests. The only distinction is your audience during this case already encompasses a relationship with you, that could be a large plus point.

While it’s true that you will directly email them about your products from time to time, posting ads on Facebook provide you with an on the spot approach to them while not striking the inbox. The people on your email list have consciously chosen to purchase your list. This means that they trust you and are more closely connected to your brand. Also, they’re more doubtless to shop for from you because they need to show interest within the kind of products or services you sell. Briefly, they’re the most relevant audience that you will target.

By posting ads on Facebook, you may be ready to further your relationship along with your existing email subscribers. Using them, you may be ready to increase your brand awareness and connect/sell to your subscribers at a more restful level.


Posting ads on Facebook will do wonders for your business, if and only and if you’re taking a calculated method. Rather than rushing, take the slow and steady route once running these ads in order that you’re ready to repeat your successful campaigns. Your target is to get more sales on a reliable basis – and not become a one-hit-wonder.

If you need any help to develop and implementing your Facebook advertising campaign, our social media marketing agency is always ready to assist you. Just contact us!

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