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Right now we are feeling a bit whiplashed with simply how briskly the years appear to be rolling by recently. It looks we’re not thusly ones to assume so, as this comment is detected in most cafes or social media feeds this month. Whereas we have a tendency to believe this is often a shared feeling, we have a tendency to conjointly suspect that those folks operating with social media advertising might feel it with a bit additional intensity.

As the 10 years challenge is presently current amongst all of your friends on Facebook, it looks acceptable that we have a tendency to do a fast “then vs now” on the skills of social media advertising, that pretty quickly highlights simply however quickly things are moving.


It may or might not surprise you to find out that in 2009 Facebook was solely 3 years into introducing Facebook advertising as a service on their platform, leading because the initial within the social media pack to try to so. In 2010 Twitter followed suit. Instagram and Pinterest joined the gang in 2013, and Snapchat bit the bullet in 2014. It’s value noting that in 2009, 2 platforms that have taken our culture, Instagram and Snapchat, weren’t even on the market, however.


In the last decade, the data captured on social media has helped the platforms to pinpoint the users possibly to fancy your product or services, and give you advanced technology to interact with this audience in an exceedingly additional niche and targeted way; yielding so much stronger results.  Today it’s general knowledge amongst users that if you employ social media, you’ll be publicized to and every one of the data you have got input into your profile helps the platform in question to raised profile you, so providing customers additional correct targeting, and most users love this!

Targeting your ideal customers

Social media is nowadays associate almighty force providing you with bigger insights into your audience, which, leveraged befittingly, permits you to move in a very a lot of important manner along with your customers.

Here are our high tips to best target your ideal customers on social media:

1. Recognize your audience

Understanding your audience personas suggests that gaining information concerning the attributes of the folks you’ll be advertising to. If you don’t have already got this, you’ll produce them before you’ll be able to start on your ad. To do this, you must brainstorm what your ideal client seems like. What are their challenges, what demographic, age, location, gender or interests do they have? this can all assist you to create the persona.

2. Look-a-like Audiences

Lookalike Audiences could be a nice strategy after you recognize your audience however need to expand it and reach individuals with extremely specific profiles. This can be achieved by making audiences that appear as if your existing targets. If you don’t have a degree existing list or enough Facebook fans, you’ll produce a Lookalike Audience employing a following element to make a website Custom Audience to mirror. From here you’ll create your audience smaller or larger, a lot of or less specific to either slender or expand your reach.

3. Remarketing

Any smart employee is aware of a way to search for the “low hanging fruit”. Consider remarketing as your low hanging fruit strategy. The simplest targets are those who you recognize have already been browsing what you’ve got to supply.

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