New Samsung Galaxy Tab S has a beautiful, bright, crisp screen

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Samsung is reaching back to its not-so-distant past with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, the newest in its line of tablets. Like its no-longer-available predecessor, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, and unlike any other tablet that’s currently on the market, the Tab S will have an AMOLED display.

And what a display it is. We got a quick first look at the Tab S, and the screen was beautiful, bright, and crisp. Samsung says the Super AMOLED technology means it has richer colors and deeper contrasts—blacker blacks—than other tablets, and 30 percent more color range. We’ll compare it to other models next week, when we’ll have a review unit in house. Resolution is 2560×1600, the same as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro.

Despite the demanding display, the Tab S is very thin at 0.26 inches, and generally as light as others at 1 pound for the 10.5-inch model and 10 ounces for the 8.4-inch version.

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