How To Use Social Media To Launch A Product

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New product launches are exciting. They can also be challenging when it comes to marketing because people don’t really know what your business/product is yet. It’s your job to tell them and social media is a good place to start. Instead of spending a large budget on advertising, you can set a reasonable budget on social media and have more control over it. Social media allows you to connect with people who might be interested in your product, and spread the word through engagement.

Try using Facebook and Twitter to promote your new product:



People go on Facebook Fan Pages to get to know your brand. This is a great place to create a “teaser” campaign that will allow your fans to follow your journey to launch. Ideally, this should begin at least a four to six weeks before your product/services are available to customers. If your new business is creating an office space, maybe you can share photos of you (and your partners if any) signing the lease or moving in new desks. You can also share images of the progress in creating your company, whether it’s a piece of the prototype or elements of possible logos. Be careful not to share too much too early. The goal is to build the excitement leading up to your big launch.

You might also want to consider a Facebook ad campaign to expose your product to a targeted audience, in tandem with the actual launch.



Twitter gives businesses a voice in 140 characters or less. Gaining a following on Twitter when you have a new business/product can be challenging. When you don’t have a tangible product or service to offer, you need to give users a reason to follow you in the meantime. This can be done by creating shareable tweets that are educational and informative. Is your new business in the fitness industry? Share some healthy lifestyle tips. Is your new product a beauty supply? You can ask beauty trivia or share your favorite looks.

Also, try to leverage your reach by using popular hashtags in your tweets (only when they apply). You can even create your own hashtag to “label” your launch campaign. And don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. Studies show that your tweets have a 12-times higher retweet rate if you ask for it.

These are just two channels you can use when you’re launching a new product. You can, of course, utilize several other social media channels to expose users to your journey and let them get to know your business.

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