5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Posts

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The way we write on social media channels can be very different from business writing, academic, or even general day-to-day writing.

You may think that writing can be more causal and lax on social media, but that is not necessarily true. Utilizing proper syntax, spelling, and grammar are very important in order to represent you, your brand, and your company in the best light possible. Sloppy, misspelled, and lazy writing can be a turn-off to your fans and followers, so be sure to re-read and edit your posts as necessary before sending them off.

Below are some tips to improve your social media posts. Try some of them today!


You want your followers to understand what you’re saying, but at the same time, you don’t want to inundate them with unnecessary details. Try and hook the reader with a cleverly worded question, phrase, or an eye-catching picture. Remember, your followers can always get more information by clicking on the link you provide. Which brings us to tip #2…



Whenever possible, include a link on your social media posts. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website, and allows your readers to get more information. Worried about the 140 character limit on Twitter? Have no fear! There are a plethora of resources that will allow you to shrink your links, so that they fit in your posts. One such resource is https://bitly.com. This site will allow you to shrink your links, and track the number of clicks your link gets. You can always encourage fans to learn more by including the following phrase in your post: “Click here to learn more!”



An excellent way to end your post is by inviting your fans and followers to participate. Phrases like “What are your thoughts on this topic? Be sure and share your comments with us below” make your reader feel welcomed and appreciated. As an added bonus, you are likely to get feedback from your fans that will be helpful to you and your business.



We have all heard the phrase “Show, don’t tell.” This is especially true for social media. Visually oriented content grabs the reader and keeps them wanting more. Try to paint your followers a picture of the story you are trying to convey, rather than simply speaking at them. Of course, an interesting and eye-catching picture is also a wonderful way to engage your audience.



Not sure what to post? Fun-Fact Fridays are a perfect way to inform your audience. Share facts, tips, and tricks that relate to your industry. Your audience will be sure to appreciate the new knowledge you bestow to them!

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