9 SEO Areas to Concentrate On to Enhance Your Video’s Visibility

 In Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Here are 9 Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) areas to concentrate on to enhance your video’s visibility.

1. Choose The Proper Platform for Your Video

If you were to ask anyone who’s simply beginning with video marketing, chances are that they won’t believe where to upload their videos. Why worry? Everyone seems to be on YouTube lately and if you need to be found, then being on the second biggest search engine appears like a clear choice.

But staying with that thought can deprive you of alternative places where you may upload your videos. A number of the other choices that are value looking for are:

  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • Metacafe
  • Veoh

Of course, whenever you upload your videos to a third-party website (that includes YouTube!), then all the traffic collected by your videos can continue those sites. That’s completely fine if you need more visibility and brand awareness, however, I’m pretty sure you can use your videos for additional conversion-led actions.

For example, you have to continuously include a video on your landing pages, as they’ll boost conversions by 80%.

Uploading videos to social networks is also a perfect way to gain exposure and create engagement. Why? Well, 45% of individuals watch more than an hour of Facebook videos while 82% of Twitter users watch the video without quitting the platform.

Putting your videos in your blog posts (be they your own articles or articles you guest post on) may cause reduced bounce rates. This might be vital if you need to get your message across to those that got to your article by accident.

2. Optimize Your Video’s Title And Description

This may not appear that specific to video marketing (as it also applies to blog posts), however, it’s actually valued mentioning. Titles and descriptions play a large part in how your videos are ranked. People still search for videos through keywords, therefore it’s important to use them each in titles and descriptions.

This doesn’t mean you’ve got to sacrifice your title to the keyword altar, though, don’t jam your target keywords in there only for the sake of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ). Instead, create a title that stimulates your audience’s curiosity.

Writing “10 basic meet recipes” isn’t identical as “Grilled, baked, stuffed and 6 more delicious meat recipes.” The other is clearer, more eye-catching and even uses alternative keywords that will assist you to rank.

The same goes for descriptions. You would feel like you could go longer with them, however, stick to the core message. Use another one amongst your target keywords and make sure to incorporate a Call To Action ( CTA ) to offer your audience a next step they could need to take, be it a similar video, a landing page or a freebie.

The description contains a short and easy profile of the content, followed by the company’s relevant data, contact, social media platforms, and a call to action. All the components you need in your own content’s descriptions.

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3. Thumbnails – The Detail Which Will Make or Break Your Video’s Rankings

Many people over the years have treated thumbnails as little more than an afterthought. Most of the time, they let platforms automatically select the thumbnail for each of their videos. However, if you look closely at the most widespread YouTube channels, you’ll see that seasoned video makers always bet on one thing: customized thumbnails.

That’s because they treat those little pictures for what they’re – a captivating representation of what audiences will realize within the video.

Think about thumbnails as book covers that people can (sometimes sadly) choose before clicking on them.

That’s why you’ve got to use a picture that’s not simply representative of what’s in your video. It also should be an attention-grabbing image, powerful enough to stand out in the ocean of thumbnails that surrounds it.

It’s not simply a matter of aesthetics, though. You can also use text to reveal a little bit more regarding your video.

4. Trust In The Power of Video Transcripts

Have you ever been scrolling through Twitter or Facebook only to search out yourself stopping to visualize out a video…on mute? This might have sounded crazy in the past years; however, it is the norm these days. In fact, some sources claim that up to 85% of videos are watched with no sound.

It’s only natural, then, that video marketers have begun to include subtitles on all of their videos. These are combined with video transcripts to assist to deliver your message – even if people can’t be anxious to turn on the sound.

As well, you can use the video transcripts whenever you insert a video onto one amongst your site’s pages. There are 2 reasons why you have to do this. The first is that you are giving people the choice to read the content instead of having to sit down through the total video (which is good for longer videos).

The second reason is that if you worked on your script properly, then your transcript will be full of keywords. These will work for your favor once ranking the page on that the video is embedded.

5. Build Pages around Your Videos

We are living in a video age. Meaning that people are becoming more and more used to watching videos as their main source of data. What you have to subtract from this can be that videos should be among your high priorities across your whole marketing strategy.

In alternative words, you’ve got to embrace the total power that your video marketing will offer you. That features building the pages of your website and your landing pages around the videos. Make your videos the celebrities of your content! Place them within the spotlight!

What will that mean? It’s simple: don’t hide your videos. Don’t make people scroll to seek out them, don’t make them push little buttons or browse endless menus. Instead, place your videos on top of the fold, make them the first factor that your audience sees once they get to your website.

This works very well for explainer videos where you explain your service, however, it’s also recommended for company videos, how-to videos and concerning the other video you’ve got. That’s very true for videos on landing pages, since, as discussed already that videos will increase your conversion rates by up to 80%.

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6. Choose One Video and Make It Sparkle

If you’ve got a nice video catalog for your brand, products, and services, you’ll feel tempted to place all of them within the spotlight. I mean, it’s clear! you need to point out the efforts you’ve been doing. This, however, will backfire.

I’ll let Google explain: “Create a standalone landing page for every video, where you’ll be able to gather all its connected data.” essentially, they’re saying that you have to place yourself within the “one video per page” frame of mind, as that creates it easier for Google to index your video.

This doesn’t mean you can’t produce a variety of video hub on your website, where you place up a bunch of your videos. Bear in mind, though, that if you are doing that, you’ll have to choose your most relevant video, and place it on top.

I have to clarify what I mean by “relevant” since there are 2 different meanings behind that word. For one, the video has to be relevant to the visitor. In alternative words, it has to be about the subject that the visitor is expecting to see: Meat recipes, not just recipes or the history of chickens.

And second, the video should be relevant for your marketing plan. Use your top-performing videos in high-visibility spots: videos where you explain your service, your most well-liked how-tos, even a video covering an event. Bear in mind that it has to make sense for your marketing and aims.

7. Optimize Your Video Landing Pages

If you follow the suggestion mentioned above, then you actually have to build all the content on the landing page work for the video. What I’m saying is that you got to do more than just optimize the video – you’ve got to tweak the text, the pictures and everyone things meta.

Think of it like this: if your home appearance looks bad on the outside, nobody will knock your door, even if the inside sounds like a palace.

That’s what search engines feel once your page isn’t optimized. They are available around, see the mess and leave without crawling.

So, you’ve got to clean up the place by using relevant copy, performing on meta titles, meta descriptions, introducing your target keywords, and creating it all close below one idea. Which one? The one lined by the video you need to rank, of course.

Basically, you would like to place the video you need to rank where it fits within your website. If you don’t have such a page, contemplate making one from the ground up. Keeping the video within the spotlight while you create the page can make it more possible to appear at the top of the SERPs.

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8. Give Your Videos Exclusive Focus

The two points above converge into this one. Keeping a relevant video within the center of the stage means making a unique page for it – i.e. Creating it the exclusive focus. And if I use the word exclusive it’s because you’ve got to treat your video as a popular star.

Imagine if a movie actor had 3 movies premiering at the same time. Rather than checking all out, her fans can divide and choose one amongst those premieres. That’s what you’d be doing if you designed many pages with the same video. By repeating its use, you’re decreasing its impact – and pitting it against itself.

The traffic you get is divided into all those pages and therefore the rankings won’t be nearly as good as if you simply had one page. I do know you would possibly feel compelled to use that lovely company video you created in each possible way you’ll be able to, however, once it comes to your website, just place it in a single place.

9. Video SEO Doesn’t Work Alone

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that you have learned regarding video rankings and their specific workings. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to use the old regular Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) strategies you already know.

Some of it’s are available handy already, however, it doesn’t end there. Maintaining up to date with the newest trends in search habits can quickly show you that there are tons of things that are changing and will still change.

As people’s search habits evolve at the side of new technologies, you’ll get to continue or risk being forgotten. In this dynamic landscape, my suggestion is for you to bet a mixture of the items that have worked within the past (meta titles, descriptions, alt titles) with a number of the latest additions (page speed, mobile-first mentality), all peppered with some advertising.

Yeah, just in case you were curious, video advertising could be an immense deal as some are saying it’ll come back to dominate the next decade.

With more and more people and brands putting out explainer videos, client testimonials, and social video content as a part of their marketing, it simply makes sense to see more investment being placed into paid video advertising.


There’s more to traditional Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) when it comes to boosting your video’s visibility. You’ve got to concentrate on technical details, build strategic choices, embrace aesthetical trends, and never stop optimizing!

The competition within the video landscape is fierce and forces you to be at the top of your game. Are you up for the challenge?

If you need any help, our expert team in Creative 4 All is always ready to assist you. We are ready to help you at any time. Just contact us!

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