5 Folk Tales About Responsive Websites

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The demand for responsive design has shot up due to the explosion of smartphones. Several business owners are needing to adopt this approach because of the one-stop resolution for delivering to their clients on mobile. How could be a responsive website the most effective option? Let us take a look at a number of the folk tales that surround this technique.

Responsive websites are just for mobile

False. The expansion of this technique parallels the increase of mobile, however, its primary purpose is to cleanly and automatically alter page components across varied devices like desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Responsive websites are light, small and negligible

False. This approach functions equally well for large, advanced websites with lots of content, as proved by major businesses like Microsoft, Mashable, and Disney.

Responsive websites are compatible with all browsers

False. Several responsive websites, particularly those who utilize HTML5 and CSS3, aren’t supported by older browser versions. Totally different versions of a similar browser will fail to support different design processes, that any complicates cross-browser testing.

Responsive websites are compatible with all devices

False. There are thousands of devices, and their variations, accessible on the market. From the client’s and company’s point of view, it’s impractical and impossible to check each accessible device.

Responsive websites are absolutely optimizable for mobile

False. A responsive website uses a similar set of code to adapt the desktop expertise to a mobile screen, which makes it arduous to customize the user expertise and flow for mobile. The most effective way to overcome this can be to go for an exclusive, mobile-only optimization.

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