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Moderation. Really? There’s nothing more annoying than to read a really great blog post, feel inspired, and leave a comment only to find out I have to wait for your approval. I have no idea when you’ll approve it and what your approval process is.

I’m not the only one that feels this way. “Your comment is awaiting moderation” frustrates several readers. When comments are not posted right away, readers are not compelled to share your blog post and chances are they won’t come back to check and see if you’ve approved it so that they can share it later.

Several bloggers moderate comments for a variety of reasons. They constantly receive negative comments, they get spam, or they really want to scrutinize everything on their site. If you’re one of these bloggers, think again about why you started blogging – to share an experience, a passion, or your view point. If you put yourself out there, not everyone will agree with you; you will get negative comments so embrace them, spam can be controlled with Akismet (a plugin), and if you’re one to scrutinize everything: more power to you – just don’t expect readers to visit your site on a normal basis or share your content.

Moderating comments is a sore subject but if you’ve written something you want us to read, please allow us to let you know what we think about it. Don’t shut us out. We know you put your content out there to be read or else you would have kept a private diary under your bed.

Do you blog and how do you feel about moderating comments?

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