Why Isn’t Anyone Visiting My Website

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The only factor worse than poor conversion rates is troubled to induce anyone to go to your website within the initial place. While not the traffic your website must survive, it cannot and cannot – it very is as straightforward as that.

But what’s usually something however straightforward is functioning out why precisely no one is popping up. Till you recognize what’s wrong, you can’t expect to try and do something concerning it. Of course, there are technically thousands of reasons why your website goes overlooked, however additional usually than not it’s the results of one in all many common problems.

You’ve Overdone the Keywords

If you’ve gone well and actually over the highest with the keywords, your possibilities of showing within the search listings are pretty low. These days, search engine bots will scent out keyword overuse a mile away and can make certain you’re penalized consequently. And even if you are doing manage to slide net, guests that clock onto your keyword-stuffing ways can leave even as quickly as they arrive.

You Have No Social Media Presence

Even if you’re not the largest fan of Twitter, Facebook and then on, ignoring their power and importance could be a dangerous move. These days, social media will divert volumes of internet traffic to sites of every kind, therefore you cannot afford to ignore it. If you do, you’ll kiss goodbye to traffic you would possibly otherwise have attracted.

You Are Not Blogging

Research has shown time and time again that companies that make and frequently update blogs pull in exponentially more leads than those who don’t. Not solely this, however by perpetually adding new and relevant content to your website, you’ll stand come in the eyes of the foremost search engines. Sites with over three hundred indexed pages pull in a mean of 236% additional traffic than those with but 300 pages.

Your Site Looks Amateurish

Make no mistake concerning it – the typical internet user recently won’t even provide a second look to a website that doesn’t look skilled. The times of obtaining away with substandard website style very are over, therefore take a step back and think twice concerning initial impressions.

It Loads Too Slowly

Say what you would like concerning impatience, however, the easy reality of the matter is that you simply don’t have any over concerning 3 seconds to win prospects over. Quite virtually, if your website takes over a number of seconds to load, they won’t even stick around long enough to check your landing page.

You Have No Unique Selling Proposition ( USP )

When your website seems within the rankings, you wish to induce across in a moment what it’s that produces you stand out. This suggests characteristics and human action your distinctive point in no over a number of words. If you don’t, they’ll simply head to a different website that will.

You’re Not Promoting It

Last however not least, whereas an internet site might in its title represent a marketing tool, you furthermore may market your website as sharply as doable. Exploitation of each digital and traditional tools, ways and techniques, really pushing the worth and presence of your website will vastly impact traffic volumes.

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