Tips To Recognize If Your Website Traffic Quality Is Poor And The Best Way To Fix It

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How to Recognize if Your Website’s Traffic Quality Is Poor

Here are some ways that to simply determine whether or not or not your web site is effort the traffic that it deserves:

1- Your Bounce Rate Is Beyond the business Average

As per Google, “a bounce may be a single-page session” and also the “bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions or the share of all sessions on your website within which users viewed only 1 page and triggered only 1 request to the Analytics server.” In different words, a website visitor is said to bounce after they visit a website page then again do nothing else.

If the business average is 60% but the bounce rate of your web site is 80%, then it’s a symptom that your traffic quality is poor.

To lower your bounce rate, you’ll analyze what’s occurring in your Google Analytics or different web analytics tools to work out why individuals are effort your website thus quickly.

2- Your Average Web site Session Duration is a Smaller Amount than 2-3 Minutes

According to analysis from Databox, around 41% of web sites have an average session duration of 2-3 minutes.

Another 55% reported an average session duration of less than 3 minutes and 27% reported more than 4 minutes.

Databox more shows that the most effective tactic to extend average session duration is to incorporate visuals – like related videos, charts, and infographics – on your page to carry your visitors’ attention.

3- Your Percentage of Returning Visitors is Less than 30%

When you get new visitors to your web site, a number of them can “stick” (return), thus you must perpetually be drawing in new guests.

Most websites get a lot of new visitors than returning visitors, however, it is the latter that have a higher engagement — “they bounce less, read a lot of pages per session, and have higher session duration. They additionally tend to own higher conversion rates and better sales.”.

How to Improve the Quality of Traffic on Your web site

Now that you just recognize what to look for once determining the quality of your web site traffic, here are the highest 8 ways to boost the quality of traffic on your site:

1- Target High-Intent Keywords

Depending on your business objectives, you want to target high-intent keywords that are business in nature.

As WordStream suggests, a search query is divided into 3 types: navigational, informational and transactional.

Out of those 3 search sorts, only transactional queries have high business intent leading to a purchase.

Pay Per Click ( PPC ) ads around business intent keywords may end up in good Return Of Investment ( ROI ). Yet, the definition of transactional keywords varies from one business to a different. Commercial-intent keywords will be classified into 2 categories:

  • buy now keywords
  • product keywords

“Buy now” keywords signify that the user has already determined to get the product, and samples of these keywords include:

  • Buy
  • Discount(s)
  • Deal(s)
  • Coupon(s)
  • Free shipping

Unlike prospects looking for “buy now” keywords, individuals using “product” keywords could be a bit hesitant to get the product instantly, however, they even have a high conversion rate. Samples of “product” keywords include:

  • Brand-name product
  • Specific product
  • Product categories
  • Affordable
  • Best
  • Cheapest
  • Comparison
  • Review

If the most purpose of your web site is to come up with sales, then prepare a list of high-commercial-intent keywords and rank your web site for those keywords each in organic and paid search results.

2- Frequently Monitor Your Traffic Quality Level

Traffic quality level may be a metric that monitors the traffic quality of a website. Analytics tools like Finteza enable you to analyze the traffic quality level by examination the sort of traffic your web site receives on a daily basis.

Once you’ve got logged in to Finteza, navigate to the Quality tab settled within the left-hand sidebar wherever you will see a donut chart comparing the traffic statistics over a specific period:

The information is sorted on the basis of color for easier viewing:

  • Green indicates real traffic
  • Red indicates traffic from spam IP addresses
  • Yellow indicates traffic from VPN and proxy servers
  • Gray indicates traffic from social networks and search engine bots

The best part concerning Finteza is that it’ll warn you if there’s a risk of an external attack. You’ll notice a sharp increase in “Attackers: SSH, Brute-force, DDoS” column, wherever it’ll give the reason the rise. This sometimes happens once there’s a surprising traffic increase on a web site. You’ll be able to then take steps to protect your web site from unwanted traffic.

3- Send Emails that talk to Your Customers’ Interests

The highest quality of traffic are the visits from your existing customers. And there’s no better way than email marketing to alter them to visit your website more often. The concept is to send emails that talk to your customers’ interests.

The best way to section your list is by capturing data concerning your visitors during a sign-up type. Rather than sending a sales-oriented email, share tricks with them concerning how they will solve their pain points. This can build them scan your emails more and take the specified action (following a link) by visiting your web site. Keep emails short to pique curiosity within the minds of the readers.

Here are the foremost necessary things to keep in mind whereas doing passion-based email marketing:

  • Always produce a subscription-based email list, as a result of if you begin sending emails to those who haven’t signed, you’re wasting some time yet as your reader’s time.
  • Segment your contacts supported their interests. The only way to do that is by asking your users concerning their interests.
  • Gamify your emails for readers who are too slow to require action. Yes, there are those who wish to visit your web site and would really like to require action, however, they never appear to get around it. For such users, a delicate push is important and gamification is a great way to do this.

4- Leverage the ability of Retargeting

According to Retargeter, only 2 of traffic converts on the first visit. this implies that you just got to follow up with the prospects so as to convert them.

Retargeting may be a good way to attach with prospects who are already within the middle stage of the sales funnel. Most businesses build the error of spending heavily on content marketing, email marketing, Pay Per Click ( PPC ) ads, and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ). However, never take remarketing seriously. Remarketing is the best way to acquire quality traffic. No matter what channel you’re using to accumulate traffic to your web site, perpetually invest in retargeting as a result of it is a surefire way to bring interested guests back to your website.

You can read more about :

Retargeting VS Remarketing

Depending on however probably your guests are to convert, they will be divided into 3 stages: cold, warm and hot traffic.

  • Cold Traffic: Those who have not engaged along with your content before visiting your web site are classified as cold traffic. Though it’s tough to convert them at this stage, you’ll be able to use their email address for remarketing through Google Ads.
  • Warm Traffic: Those who have shown some interest in your product however are still looking for product or services to search out solutions to their issues, are classified as warm traffic. You’ll be able to use the carousel ad format to show the product that they’ve clicked on your website to retarget them.
  • Hot Traffic: Individuals actively trying to get the product and are coming back to their final decision are considered as hot traffic.

5- Use Influencer Marketing to Boost Awareness of Your Product or Service

There are varied sorts of influencer campaigns you’ll be able to run. Affiliate marketing may be a kind of campaign where you compensate influencers who get sales for you by following Return Of Investment ( ROI ) through custom URLs and distinctive discount codes.

The best way to drive engagement and acquire nice brand exposure is by running contests and giveaways. Relying on your product’s worth purpose, you can give away one or two of your products each month to the winners.

People trust influencers and if they assert they need starting using your product and it’s dedicated, the audience who has never detected concerning your brand is going to be inspired to give it a try. Set a goal and document your key performance indicators (KPIs) whereas building your influencer strategy.

6- Improve Your Ad Quality Score

Google rates the quality of your ad, keywords and landing pages. the higher your ad Quality Score, the higher your ad can perform. It additionally means it’ll cause cheaper clicks.

The ad Quality Score depends on factors like click-through rates (CTR), the relevancy of every keyword, and landing page quality. The past performance of your Google Ads campaign additionally would possibly have an effect on your ad Quality Score.

Ads with a decent Quality Score get higher rankings (without increasing the bid), and if your Pay Per Click ( PPC ) ads meet customers’ desires, your ad score can increase:

You can get a better ad Quality Score by rising your ad text, optimizing the landing pages and eliminating negative keywords. Research incessantly for related keywords and divide them into individual Ad Groups and campaigns.

Overall, the higher your Quality Score, the lower your cost per conversion (CPC). As WordStream puts it, a high quality Score is Google’s way of claiming that your Pay Per Click ( PPC ) ads meets your prospective customers’ needs:

The higher that your ad ranks, the higher your traffic is going to be. Pay Per Click ( PPC ) campaigns are expensive, particularly if you don’t have a decent quality score. Concentrate on keywords to optimize your ad.

7- Use Native Advertising to Your Advantage

Paid advertising created to seem like a part of the content on the page is referred to as native advertising. Agreeing toClickZ, native advertising earns 3x longer and attention and performs 10x higher than traditional mobile ads.

Native advertising will overcome banner sightlessness and reach your target market, and, if used properly, it will drive high-quality traffic to your website.

They work better than the other ads as a result of they don’t seem like ads and match naturally inside the content. Native advertisements have the potential to extend your brand awareness better than the other type because they have the flexibility to attract more attention from your readers. Another advantage of native advertising is it will pass ad blockers.

When placed within the right context, native ads will create higher click-through rates. Specializing in native advertising will assist you to drive a lot of traffic to your web site, hence creating a lot of revenue.

There are varied native advertising formats like in-feed native ad units, search and promoted listings, content recommendation widgets, custom content units, and in-game native ads.

8- Drop Under-Performing Channels

Have you ever thought if dropping an under performing channel might build a large impact on your overall conversion rate? Take these numbers as an example:

Out of those, the under performing channel is clearly email marketing with a conversion rate of 4%. This implies that traffic created via email marketing isn’t changing. If we drop this channel, then we are able to simply improve the quality of traffic on our web site and improve conversion rates.


It’s not concerning the number of visitors you get on your web site, it’s concerning how much high-quality traffic your web site gets. Select the supply that brings you nearer to your business objectives. Understanding what your clients need and optimizing your strategy consequently will assist you to drive high-quality traffic to your web site.

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