The Importance Of A Content Calendar

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Do you come up with your Facebook content right before you post it? If so, you may want to consider creating a content calendar for your business page to avoid this type of ‘winging it’ situation. Implementing a content calendar can have a big impact on your page engagement, and can also help you be more in tune to the wants and needs of your page followers.

What exactly is a content calendar? Essentially, a content calendar is a weekly calendar that lists the types of posts you will share on your Facebook page each day of the week. Depending on how often you post, you’ll create content boxes to fill in for the various openings in the day.

Having a solid content calendar is not only helpful for you, but it is also helpful for your page followers. People tend to like consistency, and a content calendar can leave your followers wanting more. They’ll want to check your page frequently to see their favorite type of post. (ie: trivia every Tuesday… or Throwback Thursdays).

You never want to ad-lib on social media, and having a content calendar in place forces you to avoid doing that. Additionally, it allows you to zero in on what your customers want to see, and it also puts less stress on you to come up with a new idea for each post of the day.

Are you unsure what kind of posts to feature on your weekly content calendar? Every business (and audience) is different, but here are a few ideas that could work on your page:

  • Tip Tuesday – share a tip that relates to your products, services or industry
  • Throwback Thursday – post of a photo from your early days in business
  • Blog posts – don’t just leave your posts on your website, share them on Facebook!
  • News articles – when you come across an article that relates to your business, or could be helpful for your audience, share it freely!
  • Insider photos – take photos of the people and acitivty in your office, and pictures as you are out and about during your work day!
  • Trivia – encourage your followers to participate in trivia questions and comment with an answer.
  • Relevant quotes – People love quotes! Share some that speak to you, or ones that relate to your industry.

Implementing a content calendar is important, but regularly checking to see if the type of content you are posting is working is just as important. Every month, check your Facebook page analytics, and note which posts are receiving the most likes, comments, and shares. The ones that stir the most engagement you’ll likely want to keep, and the posts with the least amount of engagement you might want to consider swapping out, or at least tweaking.

We hope this gives you some ideas to create your own content calendar! Have fun sharing your story.

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