The Great Merge: Where Web Design & Content Strategy Collide

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Designing a website could be a large enterprise. It needs an excellent deal of diligence to craft a website that not solely reflects a whole, however additionally speaks to the end-user.

With over 8 years of expertise, Creative 4 All s.a.r.l. has uncovered the simplest practices to fulfill these digital objectives. One best apply we have a tendency to exercise in each website plan is that the composition of a solid content strategy. It’s engineered from the onset of each project to effectively communicate the correct data to the correct folks at the correct time.

Establishing a powerful content strategy ensures an entire and arranged content structure on your website. However, merge that together with your net style method and your users can have a personalized, instructional net expertise that deepens their engagement together with your whole and influences their decision-making journey.

Merging the Two Processes

Content drives users nearer to your whole. However, while not a method in place, your content can simply be a placeholder on your website. Therefore, you want to work your content into the website style method. This cannot solely set a foundation for your website, however, additionally align your team members throughout the project and meet the wants of your users.


In the discovery section, we have a tendency to begin with a solid understanding of the client’s strategic business objectives and their target audiences. This section is important to line expectations from the start, and conjointly steel oneself for the mixing of content and its role in future stages of the website method.

UX Strategy

By understanding the target audiences, we have a tendency to be ready to absolute creator an answer to fulfill each user’s wants and make unforgettable online expertise. To realize this, we have a tendency to assess the prevailing content and suggest a website design that aligns with key personas and uses cases. The content at this stage doesn’t get to be set in stone, however, it ought to be a rough draft of the content supposed for every page. This helps to guide the UX designs and validate the layout and architecture of the website.

Information Architecture + Content Guidelines

The output of the UX strategy is that the info design that will be meant to prepare content so users can notice what they’re trying to find in a very seamless and fluid manner. If the content is unorganized, the positioning is going to be tough to navigate, and users can have poor expertise overwhelming the knowledge. It’s essential to review existing content and set content pointers during this stage. While not clear and interesting content, even the simplest info design won’t offer classy user expertise. However, once content sits at the muse of your internet style, you’ll produce associate surroundings that permit your viewers to remain interested and engaged together with your whole throughout their journey.

UX Design + Content Creation

Once pointers are set, it’s time to start out planning. Throughout this section, UX designers begin sketching their ideas so it’s straightforward to examine the answer for the shopper. Then they produce wireframes that create by mental act the positioning structure and any key options of the website. These offer a blueprint for the ultimate style and result in prototypes – turning static wireframes into interactive, clickable wireframes.

But while not content, there’s no style. Content offers guests a purpose to get on your website and keep engaged throughout their journey. However, if the look isn’t valid and iterated with content, the website can serve no purpose. Therefore, build content before you style. Once your strategy is content-first, you retain your content at the middle of the look – ultimately keeping your user at the middle of your website.

Visual Design + Content Review

Build a visible style that accurately delivers your message. Your guests ought to be able to simply consume content on your website and keep engaged along with your digital whole. Typically, individuals have high expectations of digital content. In fact, if given quarter-hour to consume content, a simple fraction of individuals would rather browse one thing fantastically designed than one thing plain. Therefore, craft a style that speaks to your content and shows, instead of tells, your whole story. In this stage, it’s simple to urge wedged in planning around the content.

However, it’s necessary to comprehend that you just ought to ingeminate unendingly throughout this method. You would possibly have written content that appeared necessary in text, however currently that you just have styles that illustrate the data, you’ll re-evaluate its bent the page.

Furthermore, don’t be petrified of the white area on a website. This negative zone puts a lot of stress on your content and visuals, keeping your style a lot of pleasing to the attention. Therefore, throughout the merge of visual style and content review, it’s inspired to judge the content you originally used, and update the page with visuals that bring life to the text.

Development + Content Migration

Once you modify your content through the visual style, you’ll go into development. This part allows your technical team to be concerned and support the new website before and once its launch.

During this part, content is migrated over from the previous website ‏to the new site. Therefore, it’s common to own a lot of iterations to confirm that the content fits the new whole vogue and digital aesthetic. If content migration is completed with precise execution, the new internet style can accurately portray the previous and new content.

Quality Assurance (QA)

It’s crucial to conduct quality assurance (QA) before you launch your website. By following the steps during this order, you may guarantee your website is ready up for fulfillment before its receptive the general public. Examine the location, explore for glitches, errors, broken links, and optimize the site’s potency on the net. Checking these options, on each device, can make sure that everything appears and works properly before it’s pushed live.


You’ve reached the tip of your website style method, thus currently it’s able to begin operating to attain your digital goals. However even once you launch, it’s necessary to unendingly review and update any content on your website to stay users engaged and updated.


Content fuels a website. It offers your whole a definite voice and provides users with an academic, interactive digital expertise. However, the content has to follow a solid strategy that circumvents fluff and provides effective electronic communication for users. Merge your content into your internet style method. Your website is tailored to the user and also the content they have – providing them with a digital expertise value returning to.

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