Social Media For Real Estate And Mortgage Professionals

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Real estate agents, brokers, and mortgage professionals have a unique opportunity to tell a story on social media that resonates with their audience. Most of us are either homeowners, or dream of being homeowners one day. By creating content that ties into the concept of ‘home,’ you have the opportunity to connect with your followers on multiple levels.

It can become easy to fall into the trap of continually posting your real estate listings, open houses, and the services you offer on social media, but content that is too self-promotional looks spammy and can turn your audience off. Make your page about them instead.

There is a plethora of content to be shared (or created) that can add value for your audience, while also subtly promoting your area of expertise.

If you’re unsure about what to post, try these ideas:

Customer testimonials

If you have a few customer testimonials on your website or saved in an e-mail somewhere, share them on social media! You can screenshot a Yelp review or photograph a thank you note in order to make a post. Or, a photo of you and your happy client will strike an emotional chord with your followers.

Helpful information

Mortgages, refinancing, and home buying and selling can be confusing processes for most people to navigate. You can help make the process easier by sharing relevant articles from credible sources. The more useful information you share freely, the more positive feelings your audience will develop about your business.

Home décor ideas

People love weighing in on interior design, and in the real estate industry, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this tendency. Try sharing pictures of different rooms in a home, or neat home features, and ask your followers for their feedback about the design. You’re likely to receive a lot of engagement on these types of posts.


There are a ton of quotes that relate to the home, and you can share them with your followers. You can also create your own quote graphics with your personalized branding on them.

Remember, instead of promoting your individual business on social media, create posts that tie into the dream of home ownership. Help your audience navigate the buying process easily, imagine themselves as homeowners, or take better care of the home they have. This type of content builds an emotional connection with your audience.

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