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Final 1:

Instagram users statistics:

500 daily active users.

49% of female users in Lebanon.

51% of male users in Lebanon.

10% Users 13-17 years.

33% Users 18-24 years.

30% Users 25-34 years.

14% Users 33-44 years.

8% Users 45-54 years.

5% Users 55+ years.

1.3 million users in Lebanon.

38% Users who make less than 30,000$ per year use Instagram.

32% of those who bring in 30,000$ to 49,999$.

32% of those who earn between 50,000$ and 74,999$.

31% of those who make over 75,000$ per year.


Final 2:

Users under 25 years 32 minutes a day.

Users over 25 years 24 minutes a day.

Selena Gomez, Beyonce, and National Geographic are the most popular Instagram accounts.

50% of businesses published an Instagram story.

80% increase in the amount of time users watch video year over year.


Final 3:

An Estimated 51% of Lebanon Businesses Use Instagram.

8 million business profiles.

2.2% interaction rate per follower.

1 million people check out at least one business profile a day.

80% of users follow a business on Instagram.

4.9 times per week is the number of times top brands post on IG.

60% of top brands use the same filter.

60% of users locate new products on IG.

75% of users take action (visit a website, purchase).

70% of users are more likely to make mobile purchases.

12.6% more engagement is recorded when using at least one hashtag.

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