How to Increase Engagement Using Basic Instagram Tools

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Upset about your lack of Follower growth? If you’ve got been using Instagram for a while and haven’t seen a lot of growth in engagement, then there’s in all probability a reason why. Several businesses rely on audience involvement on social media to assemble traffic on their web site.

Here are some tips you’ll use to extend your engagement and overall following on Instagram:

  1. Post when your followers are most active: Posting while most of your followers are participating in posts and are active on Instagram is a straightforward way to use your engagement potential. Instagram uses an algorithm that bumps your post on your followers’ news feeds supported this engaging follower you’ve got, posting at the time with most traffic leads to higher engagement.
  2. Be active on Instagram stories: The addition of Instagram stories may be a good way for a business or page to grow in engagement. Since this new addition, it’s been found that posting on your story when creating a brand new post can increase engagement. Using Instagram stories conjointly provides you an opportunity to be featured on the explorer’s page, wherever accounts with similar interests will realize your page. So as to be featured on the explorer’s pages, your stories need to be very engaging and specifically target content.
  3. Use hashtags: Using hashtags broadens your audience and faucets into a brand new community you haven’t encountered before. “Liking” pictures supported a hashtag in a very similar niche to your business or page creates a way of interest and engages those individuals to go to your page and see the content you post. This can increase engagement and enlarge your following. If you wish individuals to seek out your photos, make sure to place hashtags in your captions, as they act as tags for individuals to look you on.
  4. Host an Instagram contest: Making an Instagram contest may be a very effective way of driving engagement to your page. The most effective way to host a contest is by collaborating with a social media influencer. These are sometimes individuals with an oversized following and will profit your contest by driving traffic from their audience to yours. This is often a good way to increase engagement over a short period of your time and welcome new followers.

Although Instagram makes it difficult to form engaging posts together with your audience, it’s still attainable to grow your business or account through the use of hashtags, acceptable posting times, active use of Instagram stories, and hosting an Instagram contest. Following these tips ought to provide you with an improved strategy of making engaging content for your audience within the future.

Hopefully, you’re able to get a lot of followers and likes!

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