How To Get New Ideas For Your Social Media

 In Social Media

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your social media strategy and then fall into a rut. Soon, your numbers start to plateau, or even worse, sink. What could you be doing wrong? And why are things starting to feel boring?

If your channels are starting to feel a little stale, take some time out of your week to sit down and reevaluate your strategies. If you find that every day you go into your channels and have the same routine of scanning Google alerts and then posting up the very first article that piques your interest, then you probably are in need of some new ideas. When I start to feel like I’ve fallen into a cycle of banal, mundane content, here’s what we do:

Reassess: The first and foremost question that I ask myself during my content creation process is, “Will this be of value to my client’s audience?” That question stops me dead in my tracks from venturing down a dangerous avenue where I’ll post something that seems to be interesting, but in actuality provides little benefit to my client. It also forces me to think creatively about crafting content in order to get the best results.

Check History: I like to go through my old content and take note of what type of posts worked and elicited the most feedback. What strategy and type of content did I use, and in what ways did I successfully craft the content? I write these down and then try to implement the same strategy into my future posts, carefully observing their progress.

Find Inspiration: We can find content just about anywhere. During my morning commutes, I try to glean interesting facts from radio news segments that I can turn into posts for my clients. On other days, I go through my list of “liked” pages on Facebook and just browse. While I’m catching up with my favorite brands, this also gives me the opportunity to see how they’re executing their social media. Sometimes I come across great ideas that I could craft to use for my own clients.

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