How to Convert Your Consumers via Google Shopping?

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Shoppers have gotten savvy regarding however they get on mobile. Are your mobile sites consumer-friendly and prepared to convert?

How many times in the week have you ever bought one thing via your mobile? We’re all at it. We predict of one thing we would like, check wherever we are able to get wise on our mobile and, a number of faucets later, it’s out for delivery.

According to the office for National Statistics, 78% of users used their mobiles to access the net ‘on the go’ last year and Google information shows mobile searches for ‘where to buy’ have increased by 85% within the last 2 years.

Shoppers wish the search method to be easy and Google Shopping will simply that, directly showing us what we would like.

If the consumer directly finds what they’re trying to find displayed at the highest of the screen, the search ends there. However, if they click through and have problems with the positioning, they’ll hit the back button and look elsewhere, and if it’s your website that’s troubled to load or awkward to use, you’ll have to be compelled to fix it quickly to create the sale.

So however are you able to confirm your business is obtaining those Google Shopping conversions?


With 40% of shoppers going a page if it takes longer than 3-5 seconds to load you don’t have long to grab them. Work together with your developers to range this, right now.

THE PRICE is true

Google Shopping is price-focused, therefore build this outstanding on the page. you’ll facilitate increase conversion rates by being sententious, exploitation attention-grabbing font sizes, and having clear messaging that includes high-quality imaging. If you’ve got smart pictures and therefore the checkout method isn’t too long, you’ll see strong conversion rates.


Guarantee a no-fuss checkout method by creating the ‘add to basket’ button stand out. provides it a distinct color or style, therefore, customers will simply notice it.

PUT YOUR shopper 1st

No matter however your mobile website performs, forever keep the consumer experience in mind. A positive experience makes it additional probably they’ll place the item in their shopping bag and checkout.

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