Highest 7 Reasons for A Website that is Not Ranking On Google

 In Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

A website is that the main component within the Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) that’s employed by the blog owner to require it on prime in search engine.

What if your website design is awesome but rankings are becoming affected?

Now, you’ll say I’m functioning on all parameters then conjointly my website isn’t obtaining stratified on Google.

Here could be a list of reasons for you to grasp why your website isn’t ranking on Google:

1- You Haven’t Submitted Your Website In Google

Google is that the backbone of the internet and if you’ve lost this step then the efforts taken on your website are zero. Seriously, the primary step once coming up with a website and creating it live is to submit a website in Google Webmaster and found out Google Analytics account.

If this step is accomplished then you’ll assume that Google can crawl your website and think about it for ranking. This step is for them who haven’t submitted the website in Google Webmaster.


Next, if your article posting isn’t regular then search engine finds it powerful to find your website. This decreases the rankings of the website.

Last but not least, you want to have purchased penalized or de-indexed expired. Therefore, before shopping for the domain precisely study regarding domain history.

2- Your Targeted Keywords Are Too Competitive

This is the common mistake that new bloggers tend to try to once begin their blogging career. They sometimes tend to focus on high competitive keywords for his or her blog. It is advised to use long-tail keywords rather than using one – two word competitive keywords. Your website is additional doubtless to rank for long-tail keywords.

For instance, if you’re new to blogging or Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) then targeting competitive keywords is like traveling to a destination once you don’t recognize the directions.

Now, you’ll say if this can be the case then once to focus on those keywords? You’ll target those keywords as well but after some time.

3- Your Website Is New

If you’ve got started an internet site some weeks back and your blog is missing content and backlinks then I won’t enable you to mention, “why my website is lacking behind within the ranking list?”

Simply, it can’t happen.

The main things that facilitate your website to rank in Google are the content and backlinks. You’ll say it’s a secret formula to bring your website on prime in engine results.

A website can begin ranking within the results once Google can end the study of your website. This can be known as Google Sandbox. Generally, it takes 3 – 6 months but it additionally depends upon the niche and also upon Google.

4- You’re lacking Quality In The Content

Most of the bloggers have a perception that long content is an additional price then quality content. Google indeed entertains long articles however it additionally needs quality within the content. If your article was written is 2000 words but it doesn’t have quality then you’ve got wasted some time and energy to write down a waste piece of content. You will feel dangerous how the engine removes your website from the ranking list.

Check the most searched keywords that are ranking for your competitors. Once doing correct analysis on writing pattern, find out how they’re writing and begin matching the standard of your content with their content rules. Also, check their on-page optimization and other Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) factors.

5- You’re Missing Optimization of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

On – Page optimization is that the main element of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), if you’re not doing it then you’ll shut your website. This is often as a result of it’s a way that connects you to your audience via the search engine. If you’re not making search engine happy then how it will connect you to your audience? However, beginning a journal doesn’t mean writing an article, it conjointly includes On – Page and Off – Page techniques that you’ll see in our next article before long. you have got to implement those Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) techniques.

On the opposite side, also keep in mind that over – optimization is also a bad factor that may affect your website. You’ll consult any digital marketing firm and raise them to figure on your website.

6- Your Website is lacking Good User Experience

Usability and user experience are 2 main parts that Google targets to deliver the simplest to its user.

It is measurable via key Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) metrics like bounce rate, return rate and session time, etc. If numbers are low then it indicates that you simply got to offer longer to your website for improvement purposes.

If you’re using the popup then certify you’re not irritating your audience, as a result of a popup is irritating but you make it loving by using simple graphics and content. In easy language, avoid using aggressive popups that may deduct your audience. Otherwise, don’t use a popup.

7- No Social Media Activity

Social media may be a giant platform that connects your business to an oversized audience. If you’re not using social media platform then you’re in your world wherever advertisement value is zero.

In short, you’re losing the believability of your website and giving a lot of credit to your competitors. More nos of backlinks and social media posts can add trust issues to your brand.

Therefore, study your niche’s social media post and begin posting on your social media pages. Further, it’s not necessary to pick out all social media platforms, you’ll begin with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


These are the most reasons why your website isn’t ranking on Google. Work carefully on your journal or website and take it on high within the engine. You can’t even imagine the output that you’ll get from the engine results if correct techniques are enforced. Need more help? Contact Us!

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