5 Forms of Guest-Post Content that Help Your Link-Building Efforts

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Guest posting is one among the simplest ways in which to create a high-value backlink profile, permitting you to earn brand authority in your trade, drive clicks back to your website, and boost organic traffic. Yet, landing page links are nearly always removed by the editor before publishing.

Websites wish you to link to content that gives value to the reader — a resource, data point or insight that more illustrates the purpose you’re making an attempt to form. This more legitimate format for building your backlink profile with guest posting — not spamming editors — is what is going to assist you to land the foremost opportunities.

If you would like to get your guest posting program off the bottom, add these 5 forms of content to your weblog calendar. Use them as tools for obtaining a lot of guest posting opportunities that any of your brand and drive Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) value for years to come.

1- Case Study

A case study shows your value as a brand, creating it a good piece of content to possess, no matter whether or not you utilize it as a tool for guest posting. It’s additionally ideal for building backlinks as a result of information helps to support your argument — a bonus if you have got a graphic from the case study that you just may also include in your article.

However, this is often only a good piece of content to link to inside a guest post if it any illustrates the purpose you’re making an attempt to form. Meaning: your weblog post must be closely associated with your case study, therefore, you’ll naturally highlight it within the article while not being promotional.

Here are a couple of tips to get the foremost out of your case study:

1.1- Plan Topics Before making Your Case Study

To make sure you’ll naturally link to your case study, begin by group action that information is most useful. The simplest way to do that is to appear at every data point and come up with a minimum of 5 weblog post titles you’ll pitch to editors that will enable you to incorporate that supporting datum.

For example, a data point regarding how much time it took to extend by X spots in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and what was done to achieve that first spot.

1.2- To Gate or to not Gate?

Another detail to think about is whether or not your case study is gated, that means somebody must enter their email address to access it, which is common practice. During this case, it’s ideal to possess the info you intend to supply in your article on the landing page of the case study in order that the editor will quickly reference the link to check your facts. While not all editors are involved with whether or not the info is gated or not, some do.

Another simple way around this potential challenge is to gate the total case study. Therefore you’ll still drive leads, however, produce a supporting blog post additionally. You’ll include a couple of snippets of information within the blog post with a Call To Action ( CTA ) to transfer the total report. This is often common practice for a large range of brands and permits you to drive traffic and leads.

2- Proprietary Data Report

Publishers are invariably trying to find information that tells a story. While your case study will try this, proprietary data could be very different.

Not only is this nice for linking to in guest posts, however, it additionally benefits your status as a leader within the space. Real data from statistically valid surveys that relate to your trade extremely shows that you or your company are an expert and havethe info to back up your claims.

Here are a couple of ways in which to uncover this proprietary data:

2.1- Customer or Company Data

What kind of information or data are you able to extract from clients? Not one specific client, however, data that speaks to a broader audience. For instance, if you have got a keyword-tracking tool, you would possibly be able to extract information like:

  • How many keywords brands track
  • How many keywords businesses in specific industries track
  • The most-tracked keywords — generally and per trade

When selecting this information, search for clusters of data that may cover a broad topic, like Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) for retailers.

2.2- Survey Data

There are 2 main ways in which to get this data: survey your clients or user base, or use a tool like Google Surveys to get information from an oversized set of people.

In either case, you would like to try a similar factor you probably did together with your case study: Begin with the topics.

With surveys, begin by asking yourself: that queries can offer us information that we are able to use to pitch distinctive topics and include naturally in every guest post? Thinking about this means ensures that you’re obtaining helpful and distinctive data.

When using Google Surveys, you pay per response. Set a budget that permits for a minimum of 500 responses, which is the minimum that the majority editors need to visualize after you reference the info. It additionally makes the info stronger within the article after you will say one thing like during a survey of 500 little business owners, we found that 73% published one weblog post monthly.

3- E-book

An e-book provides a great deal useful to your business. The explanation behind it’s that an eBook offers one thing to the client in exchange for one thing else, typically an email address and permission to be else to a list. Lead generation through this manner permits for follow-ups through email and could be a good way to get individuals talking or just fascinated by your product or service.

In the case of link building, an e-book could be a nice resource to assist readers to take away deeper into the subject of your guest post.

And then list your e-book alongside different connected e-books. This format for linking to your e-book is even a lot of valuable than most because you’re directly calling it into a way that encourages readers to click through. Instead of linking to that as a supply to data, you’re saying, “Check this out.” That Call To Action ( CTA ) will be powerful for driving clicks.

To get started, contemplate each your topic and author:

3.1- Choose an E-book Topic

The key to using this piece of content to drive guest posting opportunities is writing a few really distinctive topics. In their orientate the way to produce and sell an e-book, Some suggests that you just ought to consider:

  • What you’re obsessed with
  • What your audience wants to read about
  • And what’s distinctive in your industry

3.2- Choose Your E-book Author

As a business, you have got a couple of choices for authoring the e-book: the corporate itself, or the CEO or different chief officers inside the corporate. The latter might give a lot of clouts and boost your brand as a plan leader. It additionally makes the link a lot of “sellable” during a guest post because you can say, “In his brand new e-book, Famous X, CEO for Company X, shares his insights on….”

In this method, the book sounds a lot of legitimate and valuable — everybody desires to listen to from the person in charge. Keep in mind that the promoting team will still ghostwrite the book; the CEO doesn’t need to try this herself.

4- Thought Leadership Article from the Chief Executive Officer

A thought leadership article from your CEO or different executive could be a good way to feature value to each your own blog and your guest post because with their title comes an assumption of experience and data.

For example, in your guest post, you’ll supply the weblog post including a quote: “Technology is forcing the promoting trade to evolve at a fast pace,” says X, chief executive officer of selling Company.

This type of linking in your guest post offers you, as the author, a lot of legitimacy because you’re referencing insights from consultants in your industry. It additionally permits your business to develop their thought leadership with the mention of your chief executive officer.

When making the initial content for this weblog post, select topics supported 2 things:

  • Your CEO’s expertise
  • Your brand and niche

By combining these 2 factors, you produce content that’s each valuable to your audience and permits you to focus on the information of your chief executive officer.

For example, if your chief executive officer was the production of your popular promoting tool, and you’re a B2B company targeting different marketers.

In this way, your audience is learning, your brand looks nice, and you’ll simply and naturally feature your CEO’s expertise.

Again, keep in mind that the chief executive officer doesn’t ought to write this piece — your promoting team, or an outdoor author, will ghostwrite it.

5- In-Depth How-To weblog Post

An in-depth weblog post is kind of a case study or report, however, a lot of content significant. during this case, you’re teaching your audience the way to do one thing from beginning to end, providing a major quantity useful and showing your experience as a corporation.

As you build your in-depth, how-to post, contemplate the topic first. Address your social media metrics and weblog post information to work out what topics your audience cares about. Once you have got a subject chosen, fill out the post with:

  • Graphs that build information easy to understand
  • Screenshots that build it easier to follow processes
  • Actionable tips that your reader will use to implement your ideas
  • Definitions of terms, if needed
  • Embedded videos to enhance your text

You can additionally add a coupled table of contents at the top. This makes the piece a lot of interactive, and additionally permits your reader to leap around — as an extended post, it will be hard to scan, therefore this makes your reader’s life easier.

Create Guest Post-Worthy Content

Great content can assist you to land high-quality placements together with your guest posting efforts. These items enable you to pitch distinctive ideas and naturally include a link back to your website in a way that gives value to the reader. Use this form of guest posting to create thought leadership, develop content that may drive Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) value for years to come, and create relationships with publishers that may still profit your brand over and all over again.

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