4 Ways To Get More Fans On Your Business Facebook Page

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The number one question I am asked about Facebook is: ‘How do I get more people to ‘like’ my Business Page?’

Let me start by saying that although we all like to be popular, the number of fans is not the most important thing. Building a community of quality fans who engage with you online should be your top priority. After all, if I had 3,000 fans who never read my posts or cared about my business – people who would not use me or refer me – that wouldn’t do me much good. However, if I had 30 fans who were constantly asking questions and sharing comments, who really liked my business, and who consistently had me top of mind and would use my company and refer me – that would be a lot more valuable.

Quality over Quantity. Period.

Having said that, business owners are all looking for ways to get more eyes on their fan pages. Exposing yourself to new audiences – especially those who fit your definition of an ideal client – is important.

Here are four great ways to do it:

1- Invite your “friends”

It’s true that having strangers like your fan page can be more valuable than having all your friends like it. After all, your friends know what you do, and chances are if they needed your services, they would call you. However, you never know who your friends know. It’s worth using the ‘Invite friends’ button on your Facebook page and asking people who support you to become fans – but don’t forget to include a personal message asking them to share the page with their friends as well.

2- List your page as your place of employment

On your personal Facebook profile, you have the opportunity to list where you work. Instead of just writing in the name of your company, make it a clickable link to your fan page! (Instructions to list your fan page as your place of employment.) Now people who connect with you personally on Facebook can find your business page as well.

3- Put your url everywhere

Now that you have a custom url for your fan page (Get a custom Facebook url) you have a nice, pretty link that you can put on other marketing materials. Put that link everywhere you can think of – in your email signature, on your website, on all flyers, brochures and other printed materials… yes, we even have it on a sticker in our office window. More people will connect with you on Facebook if you make it easy for them to find your page.

4- Network online

I’ve saved the most important one for last. The best way to drive traffic to your fan page is to expose your brand to people who might not know you exist yet. Just like you attend networking events in person to meet new people, you need to network online to expose your page to new potential fans. In order to do that, use the button that says ‘Use Facebook as [your business.’ Now anywhere you go on Facebook, you will act as your fan page instead of your personal profile. Visit pages that share your target audience, and interact with their content – exposing your brand to their fans. Also cruise the pages of other businesses that could be good referral sources for you and start building relationships. Remember – no selling! Just like in in-person networking, no one likes a self-promotional jerk. Act like a real (interesting) person and make comments that add value… they’ll remember you, and maybe even ‘like’ you, too!

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