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Interactive CDs Company In Lebanon - Beirut

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Interactive CDs

Traditionally, the aim of the artist is self-expression.


In multimedia, the goal of art and design is communication.


We endeavor to create a visual environment that is both, comprehensible and compelling to the viewer at every turn; To attract attention, hold it and communicate.


Physically engaging the viewer and providing participatory control in navigational pathways increase the Viewer's fun quotient, attention span and ability to retain information.


The visual language's was developed, it went beyond advertising by Internet, TV or printed media to something we can call it interactive programming language.


So what is interactive programming language?

It is a very simple way to introducing your establishment activities and your products by an easy technique using CD's.


Which is, as you know very widely popular and easy to use, because it needs nothing more than a simple computer with a CD-ROM.


So never hesitate to promote your activities in CD's it is easiest to be an active brochure with audio, video and animation that can tell a lot about your products in different manifestations, exhibitions or seminars.

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