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Schools System Management

Schools System Management

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Schools System Management


School System Management is a model for managing a school's interactions with current and future students.


It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize students information, marks, notes, agenda, homework and exams.


Multi Panels : Administrators Panel, Directors Panel, Principals Panel, Teachers Panel, Parents Panel.


Each user have access to information relating to their section in which he is located.


School System Management is an online system or you can use it as local system.


You can access the system through internet from anywhere in the world!


You can easily integrated with your website online.



Schools System Management Features:


1- Responsive Layout

System built as Responsive design which makes the system look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones). Now you can keep updated and check all information at anytime. It is useful for directors and principals as well.


2- Arabic And English Interface

You can use the Multiple Language User Interface (MUI) feature to offer individual users the ability to change the display language to make easier working on it.


3- Archive Module

You can use the Archive feature to access to previous study year information such courses, lessons, parents, students, marks, student card, remarks, etc.


4- Marks And Remarks Modules

The administrator, principals or teachers have the ability to insert exams, marks and remarks for students in specific semester. Also you can export the list of marks for specific course / classroom. There is an option to print the card of marks for specific student as well.


5- Agenda Module

Agenda can be managed by administrator and principals. Parents can access to it from their panels and view the agenda of their children.


6- Homework and Exams Module

The administrator, principals or teachers have the ability to insert homework or exams to show it in the calendar of the parents. Parents can access to it from their panels and view the calendar of homework and exams of their children.


7- Semesters


8- Courses / Classrooms


9- Lessons


10- Directors & Principals

Access to high level view of reports and other information of the School.


11- Teachers

Access to all info such Courses, Students, Marks, Agenda, Homework & Exam under his control.


12- Parents

Access for Parent to access their wards details.


13- Statistic


14- Backup Database


15- Work Online / Offline


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