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Khansa Carpets
Khansa Carpets is proud to be one of the largest specialty wholesale and retail carpet companies, established in 1987 in Lebanon by Hajj Ibrahim Kamel Khansa as a small business for handmade carpets.
Persian carpets are known for their richness of color, variety of patterns, quality of design, and outstanding value, and that's why it was Hajj Ibrahim Khansa's passion to collect masterpieces of carpets and not only run this family business as it was known then.
His two sons, Khalil and Bilal Khansa travel several times a year to source beautiful, fine, decorative and tribal pieces from different villages around the world to match your needs in size, design, color and price.
In carpet business, they say a good carpet dealer is the one who can describe a cat as if it's a lion, Khansa carpets argues the fact that a carpet is sold for what it really is, and advise the customer to purchase the best quality for the money they would like to spend, this was the key to Khansa\'s success and why the business evolved in a short period of time. 
Later in 1990's, this success made Khansa carpets capable of reaching customer's unique desires in design and quality and obtain an achievement by being experts in weaving our own pieces.
Khansa carpets the leading market source for a wide variety of carpets has built a reputation for value, design, service, quality and innovation, a reputation that will extend the company's legacy into homes and offices for many years to come.
We hope you can benefit from its numerous experiences and have a free consultation upon your visit as you are the primary reason we are here today.

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